Buyer’s Guide Submission


Dear Cycling Brand,

Thank you for submitting your information to our first-ever Bikerumor Cyclocross Buyer’s Guide! Please complete all fields below and submit no later than July 15, 2016, to ensure inclusion in the guide. Please note that ONLY cyclocross-specific information and products should be submitted. We reserve the right to edit or ignore anything submitted, but our goal is to provide riders with the most comprehensive cyclocross product guide ever, anywhere. It’s digital, so there’s no page limit, we’ll include every legitimate product and brand we can. That said, please note the guidelines for each item and provide the info as requested. That makes our lives easier, lets us get out and actually ride, too, and makes it more likely your brand will be included and all information will be correct. Thanks!

– Tyler


Bikerumor may publish some or all of the information you submit through this form online on at its sole discretion. If any of your products or items are embargoed until a certain date and/or you do NOT want them posted online, please note that by any or all items on the product description sheet you will be uploading below. If not specified or mentioned clearly with an embargo date, time of day, and time zone, then submission of any information through this form shall serve as authorization for it to be published on Please note that ALL items submitted through this form may be included in the PDF buyer’s guide, which will be available as early as August 1, 2016. If you do not want your product shown in this guide, you should not submit it.