Danny MacAskill can’t slackline like the rest of us…

And by that of course we mean that he doesn’t flail around like an idiot trying to balance one foot in front of the other on a piece of nylon webbing that is violently shaking back and forth. No. Instead he just rolls up to it on a trials bike, and rides across as if it were normal. He says he’s gonna rig up another slackline to play some more. Next, we are waiting for him to at least manual across it.

Just a further reminder that Danny MacAskill may not actually be human. Oh, and that it’s probably worth killing some time and watching the raw feed of video clips that he posts to his Facebook.


12 thoughts on “Danny MacAskill can’t slackline like the rest of us…

  1. I honestly hate watching this guy. He makes it so amazingly clear (“How clear? Crystal!”) how I devoid I am of even an iota of skill that gets within an Astronomical Unit of his abilities.

    1. Solid, shure. But what is up with that vapid morning roast soundtrack? Where are yesteryear’s eructative choruses? Where do people get off pairing injury-risking moves with these soporific melodies?

    1. The new generation’s talent builds on that of the previous one. Without Hans Rey and other trialsers his age, there likely would be no Danny Macaskills.

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