Pinarello Flagship F-series gets lighter, faster, and stiffer with new F10

Leading up to the kickoff of the Pro Tour season, Pinarello has unveiled their newest race bike. Going straight from the F8 to the F10, as is typical, the new bike promises to be better in almost every way. In addition to better looks, the frame builds in a few new features in increase the aerodynamic advantage while carbon tech keeps the weight low and the stiffness high…

Many of the new additions to the F10 frame come by way of their Bolide TT frame. One of those details comes in the form of their Fork Flap design which is said to better direct the flow of air around the back of the front wheel to reduce drag and improve handling. Additionally, the F10 uses a concave downtube which offers a big performance increase in aerodynamics between the downtube and water bottles. This detail has already generated some controversy as Velocite claims that both the Bolide TT and the new F10 violate their patents on the downtube design – more on that in another post.

Along with aerodynamic tweaks, the frame builds in electronic control into the downtube. Called E-Link, the housing for the control unit makes for a cleaner design rather than having something hanging off the stem.

Thanks to the addition of Torayca 1100-1k carbon fiber in addition to other, the frame ends up 6.5% lighter but 7.1% stiffer. Claimed weight for a 53cm frame is 820g.

Offered in 8 stock colors including Team Wiggins and Team Sky editions, the F10 is also part of their My Way program which allows further customization of paint, decal, and other color options.


22 thoughts on “Pinarello Flagship F-series gets lighter, faster, and stiffer with new F10

    1. Patents are territorial rights. In general, the exclusive rights are only applicable in the country or region in which a patent has been filed and granted, in accordance with the law of that country or region (source:

      So If Victor holds patents in Taiwan and China then he can exclude Pinarello from making, using, offering for sale, or selling an infringing product in Taiwan and China and nowhere else.

    2. If this is true it’s a shame! Especially for such a big name!
      i will pay ……. euro for others research, not me!
      And this is one of the reasons why i have my dream bike still in a sketch.

  1. Is that a dimpled surface for aerodynamic effect on the fork and head tube, or just paint? Looks like the team bikes don’t have it.

  2. For some reason, they downplayed the weird fork but it still looks like a (deleted) that I don’t want to play with. Other than that, it looks like a nice Scott Foil but the big selling point is that it’s a Pinarello made in Italy.
    Oh, wait… it’s made in China?
    Oh,… it cost what?
    For the love of La Madonna del Ghisallo, let the executive board rethink… everything.

    1. this looks nothing like a Scott Foil… on a Foil the rear brake is mounted by the bb, for one, and the seatstays are thin. also the TT doesnt slope on the F10. (deleted).

  3. I haven’t thought any Pinarellos have looked good since they last made steel frames, but the Pina looks pretty damned good. It’s always good to have more red bikes.

  4. Changes to the F8 are not enough.
    Painting is great.
    But without a disc I do not buy a road bike.
    Changes to the F8 are not enough.
    Painting is great.
    But without a disc I do not buy a road bike.

  5. Pinarello lost it a long time ago, but this is just sad. What’s different about this? You could put a handful of different brand’s logos on it, or say it’s from any of the last few years, and it would be the same boring crap. At least come out with a range topping bike with discs. Of course they had to borrow from another bike… they ran out of ideas!

  6. Right this is how it is. Campagnolo paid Fran Ventoso to openly complain about disc brakes to ensure they weren’t adopted in the pro peloton as Campag were well behind Shimano and SRAM. With no MTB groupset any longer Campagnolo were scared shi*less about their own demise due to not being able to respond to the growing movement towards disc brakes on road bikes. Anyway here we are with Pinarello and a story concocted by Pinarello that a patent exists for this aero scoop by some guy called Victor. Pinarello go ahead regardless and smaller manufacturers assume that this is actually a patent. Therefore they’re scared into replicating the design into their new frames themselves. Basically this is scare tactics being played out by Pinarello. This Victor chap isn’t even real.

  7. Undoubtedly this Flagship F-series bike is great edition from Pinarello. People who wants to ride fast this will be great for them. Thanks you so much Zach for adding this bike to your blog. Excellent Post

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