Going Viral: The clip that started it all for Danny MacAskill

We all have to start somewhere, right? Obviously, Danny MacAskill had been riding quite a bit leading up to this video, but this seemed to be his big break. Back in 2006, when YouTube was still new, and people still had MySpace accounts, this clip was uploaded to the internet and according to Danny’s recent facebook post (below), set things in motion.

While his videos have progressed quite a bit in terms of the riding and the resolution, this is proof that Danny’s always had the skills. Check out his latest video (with almost as many views) after the break…


8 thoughts on “Going Viral: The clip that started it all for Danny MacAskill

  1. One thing I love about his videos is that they go way beyond just a guy doing cool tricks on a bike. His “Wee Day Out” is probably one of my all time favorite YouTube videos. The stunts are creative, the scenery is spectacular, and it’s obvious that he’s having a blast.

    1. Agreed that the Inspired video was the first that went huge, but why would you phrase your statement like that? You’re correcting Danny himself who said this is what planned the seed that became his career. Makes you sound pretty foolish.

    2. That is what really showed the world, but this was an important step prior to that. I really like seeing spots he’d later revisit in other videos.

  2. if what he does is mountain biking, then I’m happy to report that my hobby of finger-painting is going well.
    Hope to finger-paint on many trails this summer.

  3. Michael, I am referring to the title of the article, and where it say “but this seems to be his big break”. I argue inspired bikes was his launching point that brought his skills to the world. So no, I am not correcting Danny.

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