Eurobike sneak peek: Lazer teases the future with new Bullet Aero Road, Anverz E-Bike helmet, more

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Eurobike is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for us to hop on a plane and go sample the beer and schnitzel newest bicycle products. Lazer is getting the party started a bit early with a quick look at the newest helmets in their range. That includes the new Bullet Aero Road helmet above. Built with both aerodynamics and ventilation in mind, the helmet looks to move past the days of the Aeroshell in favor of a more on-demand venting system…

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Other than giving the helmet a wild look, that design in the center of the helmet hides the adjustable ventilation slots which should give you airflow on demand. There is apparently an adjuster on the top of the helmet to open the front vent and permanently open back and rear vents to keep things cool.

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The Tardiz2 takes similar design cues with the frontal vent, and continues with their Aquavent hydration port on the top of the helmet to dump water on your head when things are sizzling.

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Lazer is also taking aero to the track with the new Track-Air which uses a shorter tail and trip wire on the top of the helmet for maximum aerodynamics while still allowing you to look around for that sneaky pass with minimal effect on the aerodynamics.

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While the Revolution may finally get its removable chin bar, the helmet looks to have spawned an e-bike sibling with the Anverz. Certified to use with the higher speeds generated by e-bikes, the helmet has removable ear covers, a flip up visor, and the option for an Aeroshell.

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If you don’t need the e-bike certification but still want to rock a visor, the Armor Pin may be your answer. Based on the Armor helmet, the front has molded pins that can mount accessories like a removable visor for zipping through the city in adverse conditions.

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8 thoughts on “Eurobike sneak peek: Lazer teases the future with new Bullet Aero Road, Anverz E-Bike helmet, more

  1. “Certified to use with the higher speeds generated by e-bikes..” Ummmm… higher speeds? Really? I’m no pro, and I regularly get upwards of 30mph on the flats, and 45+ on a reasonable downhill. I’m quite sure that’s not unusual for any semi-serious roadie, or frequent commuter.

    So, either e-bikes are going faster than that (doubtful, I think in the US there’s a limit on how fast an e-bike can go before it’s classified as a motorcycle), or this highlights the truth that we’ve been wearing expensive styrofoam cups on our heads in hopes they’ll help when we get a left hook from a box truck, when… they don’t.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your logic. However, I think there is a legitimate need for the ear flaps (although, yes, they looks strange). Maybe my head is just shaped weird, but with the higher average speeds of an e-bike, my ears can routinely ring after a ride. My winter helmet has similar ear flaps, and no problem there.

    2. Uh huh. 30 mph for a few seconds with a headwind on a false flat downhill… If you “regularly get upwards” of 30 mph on the flats like it’s no big deal, then you should be hanging out with Tony Martin or Fabian Cancellara…

      Gotta love the internet e-wang speed boasters…

    3. In Europe there are legal requirements for the faster (45kph) ebikes and a helmet is one of them so there is a specific ‘better’ standard for those helmets over the usual CE standard on the helmets riders wear by choice not because it’s a legal requiremen on regular bikes and restricted ebikest. I guess in countries that a foward thinking enough to allow faster ebikes, the likelyhood is they’ll be used on better quality cycle specific infrastructure so user error is a more likely accident risk than issues with cars and trucks (a truck running over your middle still kills even if your helmet is made of unobtainium).

  2. This means you are regularly hitting 48 km/h. This means you are starting a sprint, doing a TT or are in a criterium or regularly hitting a tour de france stage.

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