Altum MODUAL multi tool on blueprints

Modular multi tools are a cool idea for those looking to personalize a compact tool for their particular needs. Recently we checked out a tool from Atelier Cycles that comes with any bits you want, and here we have another innovative idea from London’s Altum Designs. The MODUAL is the first product to be made by this upstart company, and it’s already generating plenty of interest- their campaign on Kickstarter has been successfully funded.

The MODUAL consists of two parts- the MTS tool itself and an accompanying MODUAL Tool Roll (MTR). The tool offers 13 different bits and can be used as either a wrench or a screwdriver. Altum decided to eschew the typical folding tool design in order to provide more leverage, plus with the roll the MTS can be conveniently strapped under your seat…

Altum MODUAL multi tool in jersey pocket

The MTS tool is designed to be portable and easy to carry in a jersey pocket or strapped up under your seat (with the roll), but the design offers enough leverage to be convenient for home use as well.

Altum MODUAL multi tool, specs and bits

The MODUAL tool uses interchangeable bits, and comes with 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm allen key, #2 phillips, and T25 Torx bits, a bit extender, 3.23/3.3/3.45mm spoke wrenches, and a pair of tire levers. The tire levers magnetically snap onto both sides of the tool’s body, forming an ergonomic handle. The MTS also stores four bits internally so if you’re riding without the roll, you can still bring a few bits you need most. The spoke wrenches are simple cut outs around either end of the tool.

Altum MODUAL multi tool, wrench mode

Altum MODUAL multi tool, screwdriver mode

One clever feature of the MODUAL is how the tool body features two bit slots- One aligns with the tool lengthwise to act as a screwdriver while the other is perpendicular so you can use it like a wrench. You can decide between the wrench or screwdriver setup based on how much leverage you need and what kind of access you have to the area you’re working on.

The MTS tool body is made of investment cast medium carbon steel, and the tool bits are CR-V steel. Altum’s tire levers are an injection molded glass/nylon blend. The tool weighs 135g and measures 150x30x16mm.

Altum MODUAL multi tool, under seat

The MTR tool roll is constructed from 1000D Cordura fabric and features internal dividers to store the MTS and five bits. There is also a small zippered pocket for additional items and a strap to attach a spare tube to the outside- but the strap can also be used to secure the roll under your seat.

Altum MODUAL multi tool, folded out

When folded out, the top section (under the Altum logo) provides a small makeshift workstation that features a hidden magnet inside which should help prevent your bits from rolling away on the roadside. Fully folded out, the roll measures 460mm long and 275mm wide. It weighs an additional 105g.

For a few extra bucks Altum has some add-ons available, including personalized engraving and extra bits (a set of 8/9/10mm sockets is currently listed).

Although the campaign is over, you can still order a MODUAL tool and MTS roll through their Kickstarter page. Currently buyers can snag a MTS tool on its own for $36 USD, or a tool and MTR roll for $56. The first units are expected to ship in December 2016.


  1. what good is a mini tool without a chain tool? You can ride home if your seat post or water bottle are loose. You’re effed if your chain breaks.

  2. A quick link will only work if a quick link is what broke without a chain tool. If you snap the chain anywhere else, you have to remove the outside link of the broken segment and replace it with a quick link

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