Fix It Sticks has morphed their carrying compartments from the original sewn inner tube scraps to a more jersey-pocket-friendly fabric carrying case with bit sleeves. Now, for fans of their original tools with non-replaceable bits, comes The Bracket.

It’s a lightweight 16g plastic holster that lets one stick snap into each side. Choose your two favorites and they’ll tuck under your water bottle. They say they’ve been racing them through cyclocross and mountain bike events and haven’t lost a single tool. Together with both tools total weight is claimed at just 55g, and the tools combine to form a T-handle for better leverage over the bolt.


The bracket along retails for just $6, and it’ll be included with a pair of Fix It Sticks for $25. Pre-orders are still open, and you can get 20% off with code “bracket”. Shipping should start any day now.


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