Cannondale says XC is dead, teases new XXC mountain bike


Cannondale says XC is dead, long live XXC. With cross country courses getting gnarlier and gnarlier, they seem to be planning something capable of tackling the aggressive climbs and rough descents that are pushing. Check their website and you’ll get the chance to sign up for their email list and a date of April 29, 2016. Stay tuned, and check a still after the break…


This is from a short video posted on Cannondale’s Instagram. Stay tuned, we’ll be at the launch of the new bike next week and have the full story here on Bikerumor!

Check out the new bike below!

All-new Cannondale Scalpel puts another X in XC w/ lighter, faster & more capable frame


37 thoughts on “Cannondale says XC is dead, teases new XXC mountain bike

  1. Is this how the plan to introduce a heavier Scalpel frame that won’t crack after 1 season of regular XC use?………….

  2. I would say that XC racing is at an all time low… but there is this new category called “Mountain Biking.” It’s a hard tail or low travel fun bike w/ relax geometry 66~68º HT angle… maybe we’ll just call it “Trail.”

  3. The real problem is XC racers want front derailers, but front derailers are dead, so they killed of XC and made XXC which is 1x.

  4. 29plus ?

    Manufacturers keep making bike more and more “all mountain” / “trail” capable yet appart from specific enduro races the courses are duller every year and local officials are always trying to ban MTBs from singletracks put them on boring 4×4 gravel roads to separate them from hikes.

    In a few years we will have fantastic off roads bikes that we will only be able to use in urban environments or artificial bike parks.

    1. Ha! My first thought as well. XXC. Really? This has to be a joke right? Or has S#!T really got this out of control? Then again, maybe it is meant for really angry people (like those of us who fall for click-bait C&@P like this) so that we can go ‘cross’ cross-country riding?

  5. Lol and while XXC is developing (according to dale) gravel bike is developing too. One day gravel biker will see the drop-bar thing is just dangerous and useless, and put a simple flat bar on their gravel bike. Then the XC bike will be the new thing (again). You know, light and responsive while being able to tackle the mountain.

    1. Nope. Drop bars are about hand positioning that you just can not get with a flat bar. And if you consider them “dangerous” you might as well consider crossing the street dangerous. LOL

  6. Real question… Why is everything dying recently. First FD’s and Now XC bikes. Does anyone share my concerns about this?

  7. Well Cannondale isn’t wrong. XC as we knew it is pretty much dead. The new breed of XC incorporate trials, tricks, whips, and skids into their racing. They look at DH, BMX and Enduro as the coolest. I’m enjoying the change. Thank you Nino Schuter for being a huge part of this.

  8. I don’t need to be told how or what to ride. I just built a 3×10 29er, light as hell and I smile big time when I ride it. Call it xc, xxc doesn’t matter, it ain’t dead it is awesome! and the more people are infront of their computers argueing about 1x and xxc the less crowded the trails will be when I’m out there.

  9. There were photos of this new bike on IG, from the Sea Otter Classic. I can’t find them right now, but I think it was from one of their Australian Pro team riders??

  10. So they’ve gone back to the flexing seat stays of the 26″ Scalpel? Wow, it’s a revolution. A super light XC bike with a mediocre rear suspension.

  11. XC Racing at an all-time low? Not even here in the States, but thanks to RedBull TV, I’d say XC racing is at it’s most popular, worldwide!

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