Whisky Parts Co. showcases new parts with Six Select Custom bikes


Instead of posting up all of their new parts in a booth on their own this year, Whisky Parts Co. had another idea in mind. As a premium carbon parts brand, Whisky expects all of their products to end up on high end bikes, so why not display them on some of the nicest custom bikes they could get their hands on? Built specifically to highlight their latest components, the Whisky Six Select had the attention of just about anyone who passed by the display…

All photos c. Whisky Parts Co.

The only carbon bike in a group of hand built metal bikes, the Salsa Pony Rustler is a QBP product after all. But this isn’t your average Pony Rustler either. The brainchild of Whisky Parts Co. brand manager Justin Julian, this RM 250 inspired creation has more detail than meets the eye. Sticking with the moto DNA, this Pony Rustler has a 27.5 x 3 rear wheel and 29″ front wheel which show off the new Whisky Trail 41 carbon rims. Tubeless ready, the rims are available in 27.5 or 29″ with 35.5/41mm internal/external measurements and come in at around 478g with a 3.0″ max tire size and 300 lb rider weight.

Of course it also looks like the spitting image of the 1992 Suzuki RM 250 it was designed after down to the custom D.FENDER front fender.

Justin’s Pony Rustler:

  • Custom 1992 RM 250 paint on a Salsa Pony Rustler frame
  • SRAM XO build kit
  • 35mm Stem and Bar from Whisky Parts Co.
  • Guide RS brakes
  • I9 Boost hubs laced to 27.5 and 29” Whisky trial 41 rims
  • Rock Shox Reverb Post


The Rock Lobster by Paul Sadoff is a 7005 aluminum cyclocross race machine that will have any racer drooling. In addition to the tapered No.9 CX thru axle fork, the Rock Lobster was running the new Whisky Goat rims which are sort of a cross/gravel/MTB blend. Tubeless ready, the carbon rims are 700c/29″ and include a 23mm inner and 28.5mm external width. With a 2.35″ max tire size and 85psi max, the Goat rim has a lot of potential as a versatile rim for off road use.

The Rock Lobster:

  • Rock Lobster 7005 Alloy Team Frame 1x, Thru Axle
  • Whisky No. 9 CX Tapered Thru Axle Fork
  • Full SRAM Force 11 Build Kit
  • Zipp Service Course Cockpit
  • I9 hubs laced to Whisky Goat Rims
  • Michelin Mud 2 Tires


I’ve never met a Retrotec I didn’t like, and Kurt Barclay’s “Funduro” is no exception. Built around 27+ wheels and modern trail geometry, the bike includes Whisky 50 plus rims, along with a No. 9 fork, Handlebar, and No. 7 seatpost.

The Funduro:

  • XX1 Build Kit
  • Guide Ultimate Brakes
  • I9 Hubs laced to Whisky 50’s (27.5+)
  • Whisky No. 9 Fork
  • Whisky No. 7 Seatpost
  • Whisky No. 9 Handlebar


Megan Dean of Moth Attack is another builder putting out some incredible work in fillet brazed steel. This particular build is a 135QR cross frame built for one of Megan’s friends who is a shorter rider looking for a frame that fit without toe overlap. Another of the Six Select to showcase the new Goat Rim, the tubeless rim could be a hit for cross season.

The Moth Attack:

  • No. 7 Tapered Disc QR Fork
  • Service Course SL Cockpit
  • SRAM Force 1×11 build kit
  • BB7 Brakes
  • I9 Hubs laced to Whisky Goat Rims
  • Michelin Mud 2 Tires


As the token fat bike in the group, the FortyFour Snakedrive is anything but ordinary. Even with 4.8″ tires and Whisky’s new 100mm carbon fat bike rims, the Snakedriver keeps the chainstays short at 17.25″ which fits with the 44 design ethos. The Whisky Fat No. 9 carbon thru axle fork has a 483mm A2C, 51mm offset, 150 x 15mm axle, and includes a custom DT Swiss RWS skewer.

The Snakedriver:

  • Snakedriver steel frame
  • SRAM XO1 Buildkit w/RaceFace Cranks
  • Guide RS Brakes
  • I9 hubs laced to Whiksy 100mm Carbon Fat Rims
  • Whisky No. 9 Carbon MTN Bar
  • Whisky No. 7 Carbon Seatpost


The Ti bike in the group comes from Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles. As one of the builders who helped develop the new T47 BB threaded standard, this bike naturally is T47 equipped. Also equipped with the new Goat rim, this time the bike makes use of the full tire size potential with a true 29er tire mounted to the carbon rim.

Engin Build:

  • SRAM XO1 Build kit
  • Enduro T47 Bottom Bracket
  • Whisky No. 9 Handlebar
  • I9 Hubs laced to Whisky Goat Rim
  • Rock Shox Reverb Post



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