IB15: Coeur Women’s Clothing Offers Innovative, Ground Up Solutions To Storage, Chafing, and Staying Stylish


Frustrated by the offerings available to women athletes and the problems common to the women they participated with, Kona Ironman finishers Kebby Holden and Hailey Manning started Coeur (chosen as it is both the French word for ‘heart’ and the base of the word ‘courage’) to create ultra functional and smart products for women athletes. Using feedback from other athletes, Kebby and Hailey sought to eliminate fit, chafing, and storage issues with a Made in the USA product, while keeping their apparel stylish with clever cuts and colorful, fashion-forward prints. If the enthusiasm of the women seeing the product in the booth for the first time was any indication, Coeur is definitely a new brand to watch. Click past the jump for their clever solution to the “women’s bib problem…”

IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_tri-short IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_short-2

With chafing being high on the list of concerns for meaty-thighed endurance athletes, Coeur produced this ingenious tri short. The minimal soft chamois extends from leg-band to leg-band and packs a two-in-one punch. In addition to preventing thigh rub by extending down the leg, and being held in place by the inner grip on the leg-band, the chamois won’t bunch up awkwardly and uncomfortably in the anatomy of intimate area.

IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_zip-bib_2 IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_zip-bib_1

While people seem to be going over the top with inventing or reinventing a women’s bib, it is always fun to see a refreshing new, minimal solution. Coeur utilizes a zipper running from the bottom of leg band to the top of the right side of the short, allowing users to partially remove the short for bathroom emergencies (visualize moving your swimsuit bottom to the side).


The result is a simple, effective solution to the problem without the acrobatics of attempting to actuate zippers or buttons behind your back. Also, the zipper is protected by an inner flap to, once again, protect against zipper chafing. The wide leg-band, as on the shorts, prevents pinching at your thighs and the upper section of the bib is mesh to keep the rider dry and cool.

IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_pockets_2 IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_pockets_1 IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_pockets

Additionally, apparel in the line is packed with storage solutions. Shorts, bibs, and tops all feature clever pockets hiding everywhere. The sports bras even feature front internal pockets, a much better solution for keeping your cell phone, keys, mp3 players, etc. secure during a run or while at the gym.

IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_2 IB15_Coeur_womens_Tri_apparel_1




5 thoughts on “IB15: Coeur Women’s Clothing Offers Innovative, Ground Up Solutions To Storage, Chafing, and Staying Stylish

  1. It looks like all they have for bibs is plain black. My wife regularly comments about the impossibility of finding a proper women’s jersey+bib kit, I was hoping to be able to send her this but looks like nope, just plain black bibs. Pretty disappointing that a women-only brand still can’t get that part right. Why bother coming up with “cute kits” and a better mousetrap (re:bibs) if the bibs aren’t available as part of a matching kit?

  2. Cos not everyone wants a matching kit. The lady I sleep next to thinks matchy stuff is useless. Black shorts only. One person, yes, but I imagine she is not alone.

  3. Kris, you seem to be missing the point.

    I’m not saying “don’t make black bibs,” I’m saying “make kits with bibs.” One would assume that a women’s-only brand wanting to “make the highest performance, most comfortable, and most stylish women’s triathlon clothing, cycling shorts, jerseys, run, swim, and lifestyle clothing in the market” would include kits with bibs. They’re making kits with shorts but not bibs. And shorts are for gapers.

  4. They won’t trust the zipper. I’ve tried to sell a similar product from Endura to women, and they almost universally quake at the prospect of the zipper failing, and also worry about chafing from the seam (it has the same flap).
    Others tell me, “I don’t need bibs, I have hips”.
    There needs to be a women’s bib demo program – once a woman in the community gets on them, others follow!
    Re: black vs patterned. This is a smaller company, so they can’t shell out for multiple versions of bibs, which are expensive to produce. Probably more to do with that than the impossible mission of pleasing every woman’s myriad color preferences.

  5. @Mike, since we’re throwing labels around…I dunno, a full matching “cute kit” seems kind of poseur-ish anyway. Most women who wear matching kits are wearing actual team kits. Otherwise solid black bottoms with a different top.

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