Pacenti SL25 disc brake rims for road bike cyclocross and gravel bikes

Kirk Pacenti is following up his SL23 with a new disc brake specific rim that’s a bit wider and tubeless ready, perfect for everything we’re fans of when it comes to skinny tires.

Compared to the SL23, there are a lot of changes that make it disc specific:

“We obviously don’t need any extra material in the brake track,” Kirk told us. “So we shifted that to the spoke bed since they’ll see higher loads with the disc brakes. And we opened up the internal width a little bit. It goes from 18mm to 20mm wide inside by reducing the hook width, which is thanks to not needing a brake track. So external width is the same.

“We also increased the depth of the bead well in the center to make them easier to set up. The only complaint we ever had with the SL23 was that it was hard to setup, so this makes it easier.”

Pacenti SL25 disc brake rims for road bike cyclocross and gravel bikes

It’s based on the SL23 rim, making it suitable for road racing/training and cyclocross, as well as all manner of gravel and adventure road cycling that’s not carrying a packed load on the bike.

Rim weight is about the same, around 450g, the material is just distributed differently. And yes, it’s tubeless ready with the use of tape.

They sell for $109 per rim for now, but that’ll likely go up with the next production run when they add a bead blasted finish. Don’t worry, Kirk said it won’t be more than $119. The new finish is something customers had been asking for, and it provides a more uniform surface for anodizing, which makes the colors more consistent from batch to batch. For starters, it’ll only be offered in black, but Kirk says if enough people want silver, they’ll be happy to offer them.

Sold mainly as rims only, but they do custom builds upon request. Eventually, Kirk says he’ll likely develop a 135mm Centerlock hub that’ll be their design but made for them in North American from another hub manufacturer.

Full SL25 700c rim specifications are:

  • Size: 700c – ISO 622
  • Width: 24.5mm
  • Inner bead width: 20.0mm
  • Section Height: 26.0mm
  • ERD: 590mm
  • Weight (700c):450g
  • Welded Construction
  • Disc Brake Specific
  • Hole Count: 24, 28 & 32h
  • Color: Black

Check ’em out here.


  1. I actually love the somewhat fuzzy anodizing of my SL23 road rims. Even with the extra work, these don’t have machined sidewalls so I’m a bit surprised they aren’t closer to the price of the machined sidewall rims.

  2. TBH an exact copy of the ZTR Grail or Velocity Aileron rims?
    Not to be said that’s bad.

    Just laced up a set of Grails 28h with Dt Aerolites on White Industries CLD’s.

    It’s dynamite, much stiffer than the Iron Cross rims that I came off.

  3. TBH, not an exact copy of the Grail or Aileron. Not at all, well, unless you consider “exact copy” to mean that all the dimensions are different and the cross-sections are different. Granted all three are designed to be aeroish 24.5-28mm tall rims that have a wide cross section.

  4. I find it a nightmare to mount clinchers on my SL23’s. I have to use a bead jack.
    The anodizing looks cheap too. It looks like paint actually.

  5. Does anybody know if anybody makes a rim similar to this(disc specific, wide, deepish), but tubular? The only ones I’ve been able to find are “non-machined” versions of rim-brake rims. I would love to see Velocity make a tubular version of the Aileron…

  6. These look pretty nice and I have always liked Pacenti stuff but WTB kom i21 rims and Stans crest rims are lighter and wider so these might be a tough sell for most cross racers

  7. This make sense for dedicated road use, but for ‘cross wheels that’ll also handle road tubeless tires for general use, the CL25 is a better choice. Yeah, it ain’t “aero”, but no rim is once you put a ‘cross tire on it.

    25 grams lighter, $20 less expensive, EYELETS… what’s not to love?

  8. Is there a weight limit on these? I was actually debating between these and the Ailerons for rebuilding the stock 32h wheels that came on my Kona Jake the Snake, since they’re wider, deeper and lighter (w/ CX-Rays). But I wanted them to be a nice all-around wheelset, for training, commuting and touring. I’ve done some mid distance loaded touring on the stock Alex CXD-7 wheels and they’ve held up fine with just a little truing and one broken spoke (over 3k+ miles). Would these rims be up for the same?

  9. @McCain – talk with a wheelbuilder to see if these are a good fit for you. Honestly, if you’re worried about a weight limit then CX-Ray spokes probably aren’t the best choice since they are so thin, a stouter spoke would be a better fit and build into a stiff set of wheels, which is good if you’re a heavy guy.

  10. I have the SL23s and they are super rad rims. A bead blasted finish would look much better, for sure. Glad to see them addressing the issues with the original rims.

  11. Does anybody know what tire pressure these rims can handle? I’m confused with these new wider rims that can handle a wide range of tire widths (23 – 40?) as well as tubed and tubeless. Could I run a 28 tubed at something like 80 psi? What about a 40 tubed at 50 psi?

What do you think?