zwift real time massively multiplayer online cycling video trainer game lets you race friends live on the internet

We’ve got streaming videos with real time resistance changes. Heck, we’re even getting 3D trainer videos. But Zwift is looking to take it all to the next level with a live, real time massively multiplayer cycling game that lets you race, er, train against a lot of other cyclists at once.

If Strava gamified real world cycling, Zwift’s launch will do the same for indoor riding like nothing before it. Using a team of software engineers, video game developers and avid cyclists, they’ll use their “Zengine” to process all the bits to turn your winter training into something a little more competitive. Might be time to hook up the kids’ bikes to it next time they wanna play video games, too. Now, if they’ll just let us customize our rides with rocket launchers and oil slicks, things could get really interesting…

The beta goes live on September 30th world wide, stay tuned for more details.


  1. This excites me, I wonder how it will connect/which trainers will be compatible. Imagine, you could have winter road races without the snow!

    If they support Oculus Rift as well! That would be a dream!

  2. Looks like they are trying to include various smart trainers…kickr, computrainer etc, so they have the potential to really expand the marketability.

  3. @Speedy

    When I get home after dark in the middle of winter the last thing I want to do is go out riding alongside heavy traffic. Advancements in trainer software are more than welcome for the times I can’t get out.

  4. While other trainers have had such things none of them play nice with other trainers. This will be across just about any trainer, smart or dumb. Club/group rides can be done at night in the dead of winter. There will always be ways to cheat in a race. I have been wanting this for a few years now, glad to see it coming. I’ll sign up as soon as they will let me.

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