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At Crankworx, Norco had several new fat bikes and kids models on display, but the company is not resting on their laurels. After introducing a mountain bike inspired cyclocross bike earlier this year, and recently updating their endurance road model, they’ve now turned their attention to an all new adventure bike.

With a long stable wheelbase, clearance for up to 40c tires, and disc brakes, the new Search is capable of going wherever.

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_0

Like the Threshold, the Search benefits from Norco’s expertise in mountain bikes. The front end sports a 15mm thru axle for added stiffness, while the rear utilizes the now common 142×12 standard. The carbon frames also benefit from internal routing and curved ARC seat stays, which are designed to help dampen vibrations from road.

The model pictured above is the top of the line XR, which retails for $3,700, and comes stock with a full Ultegra build and hydro stoppers.

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_1

At $3,150, the Search Ultegra utilizes the same carbon frame and full Ultegra kit as it’s pricier counterpart, but replaces the Easton EA70 wheels with a more affordable wheel set (for the nerds out there, that means generic hubs laced to Alex rims with Sapim spokes.)

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_2

For just over two grand ($2,110), the Search 105 is Norco’s entry level carbon offering. It features Shimano’s impressive 105 kit, Hayes CX mechanical brakes (which Tyler reviewed here), and an assortment of other budget friendly kit.

Norco Search 2015 Carbon Geometry
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The Search Carbon will be available in six different sizes.

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_3

If you haven’t heard – steel is real, and Norco will also be offering the Search in the hardy material. At $1,525, the S1 complete shares a similar build kit with the entry level carbon model (including a carbon fork), but retails for roughly five hundred less.

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_4

The S2 model manages to keep the 105 drivetrain at only $1,215 MSRP, but ditches the carbon front end for a matching steel unit. That price also puts it solidly in Surly Cross Check territory. Decisions, decisions…

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_5

At $885, the Search S3 is the most affordable version of the new bike. At under a thousand dollars, the build is finished off with Norco branded components, and a Shimano Sora drivetrain.

Norco Search Steel 2015 Geometry Chart
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There are subtle geometry differences between the carbon and steel versions of the frame, which include: head tube length, fork length, wheelbase, front/rear center, etc.. So make sure to compare the two geometry charts closely before buying.

Norco Search Adventure Road 2015_7

Visit Norco to learn more.


  1. The geometry on the carbon version looks more CX than all-road. Slacken the HA a touch, drop the BB another 5mm, and use the same chainstay and fork length as the steel version and they’d have it.

    I’ve been scouting for a carbon / thru-axle bike that has geometry like this. Eventually some manufacturer is going to have the guts to do it rather than sticking close to “safe” CX geometry (Raleigh perhaps?). I’m starting to feel like it’s not going to happen for the 2015 model year, however.

  2. @ i,
    Current ultegra or higher (or equiv Campy/SRAM) mechs shift really great. I am not sure it’s smart to pass on a bike you like purely for Di2. The XR Search is hydraulic too.
    Alternatively, you wouldn’t be that far out selling the brand new shifters and mechs and getting a Di2 upgrade kit if you really really must have it.

  3. Dear author, can you give some insight on the difference between the ultegra shearch road bike vs. the ultegra threshold cross bike? It seams like the same bike: ultegra components, carbon frame, disc brakes, same through axles, etx. They cost about the same too. Is it just a slight geometry tweak and paint job? Discerning minds want to know!

  4. Quick glance at the size 60.5 on the geometry charts shows they’re very similar. Search head tube is ~30mm taller, but fork is 10mm shorter with slightly longer ETT.

    BB drop and head tube angle is the same, 0.5 deg. difference in seat tube angle and Threshold wheelbase is only 4mm shorter.

    So, slightly more upright sitting on the Search and a little more mud clearance on the Threshold?

  5. Well I ordered my threshold 2 months ago. Disappointed it’s taking so long. But did my homework and nobody offers anything even close for the price. For barely over $3k you get a sub 1000g frame, the flex stays, carbon fork, full ultegra (I’m getting the RED one baby), disc brakes, 15mm front, 12mm rear, mtb (light) trail worthy bike. My only issue was the stock stans wheelset, as I exceed the weight limit. (Poor spec choice for the largest frame sizes, the weight limit is barely over 200, most of us 6’+ are easily well over 200). Norco has set the bar with this features/price combination.

  6. Also just checked the website. Search vs. Threshold: Threshold gets the high-mod carbon while the search only gets the mid-mod carbon frame (not sure how big a deal that is); The Search gets full Easton wheels, while the Threshold get Stans rims and no-name hubs; drivetrain/shifting exactly the same, full Ultegra throughout, but Threshold gets FSA cranks and bottom bracket with lower cross? gearing; brakes exactly the same; rest of misc. componets Search has slightly nicer spec with carbon bars, stem, post while Threshold gets alloy versions. Just noticed I’m comparing the $3700 Search XR with the $3325 Threshold Ultegra, so not quite apples to apples. The Threshold does even better against the Search Ultegra. Norco has finally updated their website with these and the rest of next years bikes (finally). They have a pretty nifty compare feature, lets you see 3 bikes side by side.

  7. Saying that the Search 2 is “solidly in Surly Cross Check territory” is a little ridiculous considering that the Cross Check has bar end shifters (on a supposed cross bike?) and a mix of Tiagra/Deore, aka lower end components. The low end Norco Search is more comparable in terms of components, but it is about $300 less. A few years ago, Surly was one of a small number of companies to offer a steel frame road bike. Surly needs to lower their prices if they want to keep up.

  8. Has anyone ridden the Search? I am looking for an endurance road bike to do 100 – 150 – 200 mile rides. The specs on the Search look good although the wheels may need upgrading. Any thoughts?

  9. I want this bike. Anyone have one yet? I am also looking at the Niner RLT9, Surly Straggler, Salsa Vaya, and REEB Dirt Diggler. Would love to see Bike Rumor do a comparison of this growing breed of lower BB longer chainstay CX bikes that work better for group rides and centuries but still can get lost on fire roads. (unless you have already!) Maybe with a focus on the sub 2k category?

What do you think?