KS Suspension LEV Ci carbon fiber XC dropper post

The new KS LEV Ci brings their carbon fiber shafts and well regarded dropper post technology to the short travel XC crowd.

Featuring just 65mm of drop, the LEV Ci comes with either standard external cable placement or stealth bottom-of-the-post routing. Thankfully, the external option is fixed at the shaft’s crown, so the cable won’t be moving up and down with the post.

Being an XC item, weight was pared down anywhere they could. The obvious is the UD carbon mast, which even molds in the external cable release section on that version. They also developed a new KGSL remote lever that trims the clamp down as small as possible without giving up any functionality.

Check the details out below, along with their all-new rigid Ether seatpost and accompanying handlebars and stems and more…

KS Suspension LEV Ci carbon fiber XC dropper post KS Suspension LEV Ci carbon fiber XC dropper post

The LEV Ci gets the same air cartridge and hydraulic damping mechanisms as their other posts, giving it infinite adjustment within it’s 65mm of travel. The stanchion is hard anodized black with a matching black anodized collar.

KS Suspension LEV Ci carbon fiber XC dropper post

Titanium hardware and a high compression molded seat clamp head save more weight. Two bolts allow for micro adjustments.

KS Suspension LEV Ci carbon fiber XC dropper post

The new KGSL remotes see a heavily CNC’d clamping section, but it’s still ODI lock on grip compatible. A carbon fiber lever helps shave grams, too, but the Recourse lightweight cable is what makes the biggest impact. It uses a non-metal filament in place of a standard cable with lightweight housing. Total weight savings compared to their standard remote is 28g.

Final weight for the KS LEV Ci dropper post is 436g to 450g depending on model and diameter (30.9 and 31.6 offered). Retail is $589.


With the growing popularity of 1x single ring drivetrains and hacks that use the ergonomically awesome placement of traditional shifters to control dropper posts, KS created the Southpaw. It’s a left hand, below-the-bar thumb lever that’s similar in size and placement to a traditional shifter lever that’ll control their dropper posts.


If you prioritize weight over the safety of your family jewels on descents, the new KS Ether component line should please. They’re kicking the series off with seatposts, stems and handlebars. The parts are all designed to offer a cohesive package with their dropper posts or a full cockpit kit if you choose to run rigid instead of dropper. The posts will come in alloy and carbon, both with 0mm offset and 400mm lengths. Weights are:

  • Carbon 30.9 – 188g
  • Carbon 31.6 – 190g
  • Alloy 30.9 – 260g
  • Alloy 31.6 – 265g

They use varied wall thicknesses and the same titanium hardware and micro adjust heads as their LEV series posts.

KS ether bar stem seat post southpaw dropper (2)

KS ether bar stem seat post southpaw dropper (10) KS ether bar stem seat post southpaw dropper (9)

The stems are all alloy and come in 50mm and 70mm lengths only, both with 0º rise. Forged and then post machined, the stems are made to a high tolerance which is then improved through the use of conical seat ti bolts for more even clamping force. The shorter lengths give a clue as to their intended use on all mountain/enduro bikes, as do the widths of the handlebars:


The Ether bars come in heat treated alloy or UD carbon with flat and riser options. Weights/specs are:

  • Flat Carbon – 197g – 720mm width – 0º rise – 9º sweep
  • Flat Alloy – 252g – 720mm width – 0º rise – 9º sweep
  • Riser Carbon – 207g – 780mm width – 20mm rise – 9º sweep
  • Riser Alloy – 322g – 780mm width – 20mm rise – 9º sweep

Like the posts, they use varied wall thickness to save weight, then add shaped designs to tune the ride feel. KS told us these 31.8 versions have a bit of flex to aid in comfort and vibration damping, but they’re working on 35mm versions that’ll be stiffer for DH/Freeride use.


And then there’s this, which has been in the line for about seven years. Seatpost pump.



  1. Unless weight is your biggest concern, that’s fairly close to price of an SLX or XT shifter, & I’d rather use an I-spec mount given the chance. especially since that clamp looks hokey as all get-out.

  2. The first company that makes a reliable, not too crazily-priced post that drops 35 mm using a simple underseat lever and weighing about as much as a normal Thomsen seatpost is going to make a fortune with the xc-ish crowd.

  3. So, we have a first-generation carbon dropper post. The good news: It’s 436g, as compared to my Rockshox Reverb at 520g, you save 84g, about 3/4 of a pound.

    The tradeoffs? Only 65mm of drop, as compared to 150mm of drop. Personally speaking, that’s enough to get your weight back when descending “The Bone Shaker,” and it will probably be a huge help on step-ups and big ride-overs.

    It’s also $589 as compared to $370, so if you’re buying a dropper post, you’re paying $2.60 per gram saved. That’s a fairly poor value as far as weight weeniedom is concerned, you should probably look at the post after titaniumizing and carbonizing just about everything else.

    Is the weight savings a game-changer for anyone?

  4. that southpaw looks nice. i’m hoping the cable travel is the same enough to work on a fox. the fox lever is nice, but i’d like something smaller. and since you really don’t need both levers on the fox to hit that middle position if you hit it just right, i’m hoping this might work.

What do you think?