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While many newer full suspension bikes are making allowances for usable water bottle mounts, clearance can often be tight. Particularly when a water bottle is paired with a frame sporting a reservoir shock.

An undesired side effect from the tight confines is that when removing or reinserting a water bottle, it can turn the rebound knob, causing the bike to pogo mid ride. In order to eliminate the chance of bumping the rebound, Wolf Tooth has designed a low profile adjuster from 7075-T6 billet.

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The story behind the product is that during long cross country races, some of the WTC crew who have bikes with under the TT mounted shocks, had issues with their suspension settings changing mid ride. At first they blamed their junior team mechanic, Tegan (age 5), but quickly realized who the real culprit was.

For right handed users, removing the bottle would cause the bike to pack up, while left handed riders had the opposite problem. They tried using a side access bottle cage but this only worked when they weren’t rushing, which isn’t always the case during a race.

Wolf Tooth Low Profile Shock Rebound Knob_1

So to solve the problem once and for all, they created the low-profile shock rebound knob. This US made part replaces the existing rebound knob, but can still be adjusted using a 2.5mm allen. It is compatible with the majority of Fox Float shocks and retails for an affordable $12.95.

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  1. Seems to be a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist. Has anyone ever experienced unwanted rebound knob adjustment? I have not. Of course I also use a hydro pack…

  2. I can see this being useful. Cool idea. Even if it’s not actually as functional as they say, it’s still another nice little custom touch. It’s funny how some bike people completely eschew customization. I mean, who wants to ride the exact same Spe-Gian-Tre-Ibi-Santa Cruz as everyone else on the trail?

  3. @Pete & CX — if you have a bike with this shock and use your water bottle, it’s a problem. A big problem. Has happened to 3 of us on 4 different bikes here at Wolf Tooth (on every ride) and it has happened to riding buddies as well. It’s only a problem on the newer Fox Factory Float and some OEM Fox models with the winged knob. Not a problem on other brands or models that we know of. This knob fixes the problem — it’s 100% functional.
    We don’t have time to create solutions for non-existent problems 🙂

  4. i have a RM altitude in a size XL, and this problem is real. On longer rides i use a hydration pack, so no big deal… but shorter rides or when i want to have a drink mix, the bottle ALWAYS touches the rebound knob on the way in AND out of the cage. I’ll be ordering one of these, and a huge THANK YOU to wolf tooth for having the forethought to see the problem, and the follow-through to fix the problem. Kudos!

  5. A cheaper option is to turn your shock end to end. That is what I did on my Ripley. No accidental knob fiddling & a bunch of extra bottle room. Took 5 minutes, cost $0.

  6. You can’t always reverse the shock. Tons of bikes have 1 way shock install, or the knobs are totally inaccessible or will dent your frame or break off in bottom out. But jonny b internet has only owned 3 bikes ever, so he doesn’t know that.

  7. @k-that’s just it. jonny b internet doesn’t know to try and reverse or turn the shock body…first. it may work it may not. worth trying it first. not everyone is jonny K internet whose had tons of bikes forever, and knows all that.

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