new answer xct and ame alloy stems

Answer’s new ATAC series of stems come in two flavors, XCM and AME, which stands for XC/Marathon or All Mountain/Enduro. Both use a wider, two piece face to clamp the bar and come with a sweet recessed top cap.

The AME models have 0° rise and come in 30/40/50/60/70/80 millimeter lengths. The zero rise and shorter lengths are their answer to the overall increase in wheel sizes and top tube lengths over the past few years. This helps put the rider back in a lower, more aggressive position. The face plate is 55mm wide, close to their 62mm wide DH stems. Claimed weight for the 30mm is 102g.

The XCM stems get a narrower 40mm face plate and come in ata claimed weight of 92g for the 80. Other lengths include 90/100/110.

new answer xct and ame alloy stems

The AME, above, and the XCM, below.

new answer xct and ame alloy stems

For both models, the 30/40 are 3D forged from 6061 alloy. The 50/60/70/80 are 2D forged. Then they’re CNC’d and anodized in black or painted in white or red. All hardware is stainless steel. Retail is $80 each.

answer rove r2 flat pedal gets lighter

The new Rove R2 flat pedal keeps the same shape since their pro riders like it, but it drops 40g per set thanks to a new extrusion.

answer rove r2 flat pedal gets lighter

They tried to get it reduced with machining, but it was too tight to get the tool in there, so a new die was cut. The riders also wanted a more aggressive pin, so new stainless steel ones (not shown) will come to more of a sharp point. They’ll still include the alloy ones (shown) for use on DJ and just messing around.

The internals are a chromoly axle with single cartridge bearing and DU bushing slathered in marine grease. Retail jumped a bit to $110. Available in ano red, blue and black, or painted white or wet red. The wet red on both the pedals and stems will match their latest Manitou suspension forks.

They’ve also got two new lock on grips with your choice of a very aggressive rubber pattern or one reminiscent of those big beer glasses we all know and love.

They both come in at a very wide 143mm, offering plenty of room for your hands, particularly good for really wide bars.


  1. Is the rise angle on the XCM also zero? If so, and those weights are correct, it might make a decent road stem given that hardly anyone makes zero rise any more.

  2. @Terry, the latest trend in trail bike geometry is a long(er) top tube and match it up with a shorter stem for proper fit. With one company going as far as speccing a 0mm stem on a really long top tube.

    A long bike makes a very stable bike at speed.


  3. When can we start including grip diameter as a standard measure? We do it for everything else. It would make it easier for those of us who prefer a thick or thin grip to know what’s up.

  4. The new grips are great. I’ve been on a pair of the flanges Grips for a few weeks now and theyre doing awesome. The diameter on the flanged grips are 32mm and the stiens are 29.5mm. Just I case anybody was wondering.

  5. long grips for wider bars..? IMO, you’re basically just making your (wide) bars, feel less wide. doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying wide bars in the first place?


  6. Those are some underwhelming looking stems. The XCM looks like a Ritchey stem I had in 1998, down to the cheap-looking beadblasted surface and all.

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