The Miserable Champion is coming home. Shaun Palmer is now back on Intense Cycles with a goal of building a new World Cup DH race team and getting the DH bikes that started with the legendary M1 back on the podium. Expect big things out the Intense camp in the near future…

*Warning – some language in clip may be NSFW

Directed and Shot by Rich Van Every
Editing: Jensen Granger
Audio: Ron Courtney
Music: Jeff Steber


  1. I think the little CRT TV makes sense as it is “Period Correct” But seriously Dude had his time does he really think he can mix it up with Today’s top 10 World Cup racers????? Sounds like a mid life crisis to me

  2. Palmer is one of the top athletes to grace sports of the last 20 years. If you say ‘zero fuks’ given about Palmer you’re not at the level to even comment.

    And could Palmer mix it up with the top 10 World Cup crowd? Further reading shows he isn’t planning on racing so much as coaching, putting together a team. But could he if he wanted too? Hell yeah he could. He came out of no where with no training and killed it back in the day. He beat Peaty and Peaty still has it. I’d bet money this older, more mature Palmer combined with that drive thats’ unique to him could in fact break into the top 10 and I dare say….win.

    I bet though we see him sneak into an enduro race or two this coming year as well. This isn’t a guy you underestimate. He’s been a pro snowboader, skier, snowmobile racer, moto, and mountain biker. Not to mention he raced a Caddy up the Pikes Peak Hillclimb….and placed in his class.

    Only a novice or a egotist would underestimate Palmer. He very well can be the force that takes Intense to another level as a company based off simply coaching/managing a team he picks.

  3. I don’t get from this that Palmer is going to race but more run a WC level team like what EC is doing with Spez and Monkey with Trek. Stoked to see where this goes

  4. @Sevo There is no discounting Palmer’s accomplishments, but Shaun is 45 so i doubt we’ll be seeing him compete in world cups. It would still be cool to see. He has had his share of issues and it’s good to see him conquer his demons.

  5. Kenny F*ckin’ Powers

    Love him or hate him, definitely a character and one of the only downhill pioneers that hasn’t been to prison.

  6. we was the worlds best in Snowboarding, Skier X, Snowmobile X, Moto X, and Mtn Bike BACK WHEN the talent pool was a few hundred people MAX. the dude is talented but if he was in his prime today he wouldn’t be crushing every single extreme sport. 20 years ago it wasn’t that hard to be a “pro” snowboarder or mountain biker…just sayin.

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