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Turnagain components is growing. As the fat bike component specific arm of The Fat Bike Company which also runs Borealis Bikes, Turnagain is now offering fat bike hubs and new 100mm rims along with front derailleur adapters. This means the Borealis hubs now carry the Turnagain logo along with some welcome improvements.

Check out the new FR100 next…

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Joining the FR80, the new Turnagain FR100 offers a similar design with a 100mm wide, eyeletted single wall fat bike rim. The cutout and pinned design is also tubeless compatible with the use of a tubeless valve, rim strip, and tubeless tape.

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The 32 spoke symmetric rim design comes in at 936g on our scale, and will retail for $160 a piece in silver, red, black, and blue. Available in 3 weeks.

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Combined with the Turnagain hubs, you can build a complete wheel that comes in around 1329g for the front. The hubs will be available in 150 and 197mm widths and include bigger bearings and improved end cap design with better seals compared to the original Borealis hubs. Turnagain hubs will retail for $160 for the front and $300 for the rear.

It’s hard to believe but on the day we saw Borealis/Turnagain at Eurobike the company was exactly 1 year old. They’ve certainly come a long way in a short time!


  1. likely vaporware. they claimed to have the carbondale rims for last december. In may I gave up and went to Hed Big Deals on industry 9 hubs. Took a week total to have the wheels built, shipped and installed. Hed has a customer for life. The Borealis logos on my bike are covered in tape so they do not get any free press from me. Disgruntled? you bet.

  2. @Carbonfodder. I spoke to the guys at Eurobike, and to be 1 year old, Borealis has made great accomplishments. I’ve also had a set of Carbondales on order, but after speaking to them, I totaly understand why they waited (communication could’ve been better though). They’ve created some uniqe products and are sertanly at the top at what they do. Ones the new carbonrims are released, I’m sure they are top quality and has advantages over other brands and products. Dreaming of HED myself, but after feeling a singlewalled carbonrim from kuroshiro at Eurobike, I understand the advantage of a doublewall rim. It was crazy flexy!

  3. I have one of the FR80 rims with a Borealis hub for my Bluto. The FR80 isn’t a great candidate for tubeless, so it’s good to see they have modified the design to be more tubeless friendly on the 100. I have been impressed with the FR80 rim overall however.

  4. Carbonfodder, I’m sorry the carbondale issue left you with bad feelings towards Borealis. While I too had waited for the carbondales, I gave up and went with another rim. After a long discussion with Adam at Borealis it was clear they had a lot of problems with first batches and didn’t want bad rims to get out there, he did say he wishes communication had been better. All my other experiences with borealis have been very good, top notch customer service. I’ll curious to see how the Heads hold up, I’ve heard rumors of them breaking during not so vigorous summer riding.

  5. I’ve been waiting for these rims, and get told “2-3 more weeks” every time I have asked since this fall. I’m not buying it anymore. As much as I love my Yampa, the FR80 rims totally suck for setting up tubeless. Borealis is really turning people off with their premature marketing hype.

  6. I’m going to echo what dirk said. Over a month after his rant, I’m still dealing with crappy rims, and the tubeless-ready rims appear to be vaporware.

  7. My Echo came with these wheels on the bike. It is the only sub par part of the bike. They look flashy and it ends there. They are unbelievably heavy, which I can tolerate. The rims do not work well for a tubeless setup. But the hubs are the worst part.

    The most annoying part is that the end caps that seat between the hub body and the fork are held in by flimsy O-rings. The end pieces constantly fall out every time the wheel is removed and do the same when you go to re-mount the wheel — meaning you have to hold them flush while you balance the wheel and the bike. The O-rings also let in an excessive amount of dirt and are prone to cracking. Poor design choice.

    Dumping the wheels for a set of carbon rims with Industry 9 hubs ASAP. Should drop a few pounds for rotating weight. Kind of ridiculous to have to do this on a $6K bike.

  8. ipshr, you got the old style FR80, not the new FR100. Your wheels are everything you said and more, the new wheels are night and day better! FR100 are nice. The newer Carbondales are very sweet too. Olders ones were junk. Trials of a new and growing company.

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