FSA narrow wide drop stem  (4)

While the big news for FSA recently was the launch of their new wheel line, the company had a number of new parts lurking inside their booth. Their Megatooth narrow-wide chainring is something they have been teasing for awhile, but we haven’t seen the finished product until now. Compared to other chainrings on the market the teeth are well, mega. The extra long teeth are also asymmetrically shaped to offer the best chain retention and mud shedding characteristics.

Details  plus a number of new parts after the break… UPDATED – Megatooth in Multiple BCDs

FSA narrow wide drop stem  (2)

FSA narrow wide drop stem  (3)

There are two ways to look at the new Megatooth chainring – it’s an 86mm 3 bolt BCD so it’s not compatible with your crank, or there is finally an 86mm 3 bolt BCD narrow wide chainring to fit your crank. FSA is standing behind their 86 BCD and expanding it to now include the SLK, Afterburner, and even Comet level cranks.

Megatooth chainrings will be offered in 28-38t rings only in the 86 BCD for now. UPDATE: There was a bit of a miscommunication in the BCDs available for the Megatooth Chainrings. In addition to the 86 mm 3 bolt BCD, FSA will also be selling the chainrings in 104 4 bolt, as well as 76, and 110, so they will have all the bases covered.

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FSA narrow wide drop stem  (5) FSA narrow wide drop stem  (6)

First shown on the K-Force Light crankset, FSA is now incorporating their 5 bolt 110 BCD into their SL-K line. Using a 110 BCD but with a hidden 5th chainring bolt behind the crank arm, the cranks are able to run compact, CX, or standard double chain rings without a loss of stiffness. Available in two color options, the cranks will also have a thru axle specific version. Signified by a red crank spindle, the thru axle version runs a 2.5mm wider chainline to accommodate frames with 135 or 142mm thru axles and disc brakes.

FSA narrow wide drop stem  (11) FSA narrow wide drop stem  (9)

The new SL-K seatpost not only provides easy separate adjustment of both fore/aft and saddle angle, but it uses a design that easily changes the seatpost offset. The reversible head offers either -15/0 mm set back or a -25/+10mm option.

FSA narrow wide drop stem  (13) FSA narrow wide drop stem  (1)

Thanks to the advent of bigger wheels and longer travel forks, many riders are looking for a way to get their bars lower. Because of this, FSA is joining in offering a -20 degree drop stem in both SL-K and non series stems. Available in 70-120mm lengths in the US (Europe gets a 140mm option), paired with a flat bar the stems should get your hands back low where they belong.


  1. So, for an almost universally aftermarket(and WEAR) component, FSA has decided to make them compatible with only their cranks? That’s a big whoops. These rings were pigeon-holed as soon as they were created, if they stick to that. The only people who would buy these already have their cranks(OEM), or their next bike coincidentally has FSA cranks AND one of these rings.

    If you’re reading this, FSA, you better get to it…MAKE THEM IN A FEW DIFFERENT RELAVENT BCDs!

  2. Bruce12. Us short people need the down pointed (negative rise) stems on the 29 or 27.5 and longer travel forks. Otherwise I can only look at the sky, not at the trail.

  3. @Bruce12 FYI Nino Schurter 3 time world champion and silver medalist last Olympics uses his stem pointing down, I guess “he does not have any business on his mountain bike”

  4. If you guys read the whole article, Bike Mag admits they screwed up and didn’t deliver the proper info. FSA is in deed making the chainrings to fit all crank configurations.

  5. All these cranks are going to do is sell more Shimano cranksets.

    ‘Oh I need new chain rings?’ ‘Out of stock at my supplier, because their so unique. But for $150 I have a Deore crankset that is at least twice the crankset’ ‘I’ll take those’

    Fail straight away.

  6. It’s really too bad, the Gravity crank line are some of the most underrated cranks out there, by far the easiest to work on of all the modern cranks I’ve used, was really looking forward to a spiderless gravity or FSA crank for my new bike build, but these are awful.

  7. Umm… did anyone notice the electronic shifters on the -degree stem? Is FSA planning on coming out with a electronic mtn bike group?

  8. @Ezra that’s a good catch… FWIW, the clamps don’t match, but the left one looks an awful lot like the clamp for the (mechanical) Fox DOSS remote, until it get’s down to the mounting area.

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