Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Connex has a new chain design called Diamond Shape, which radically chamfers the outer and inner links and their interface with the rollers.

They’re compatible with SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo because they basically blend the chamfers and shapes used on those brands’ chains. All of them. And then they add a little more just to be safe. The result is a more angular leading and trailing edge at all points on the chain, helping it scoot from one cog to the next.

Detail photos and diagrams below that better compare the old with the new…

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

The first batch is 11-speed only. It’s not a new model, just a new shape, so product names will carry over. It’ll be available in two versions:

11S0 is a made of regular steel all the way through – pins, rollers and plates. These will retail for €39.99 (~$49)

11SX has stainless steel plates with nickel plating and ceramic coating to make them slicker and more durable. €59.99 (~$75).

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

The 11-speeds are in production now and will be available in November. At that time, they’ll switch over tooling for the 10 and 9 speed chains to the new design, too. Those should be available at end of year or just into 2015.

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Tried as I might with closeup photos, their diagrams show the detail much better.

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

New version on the left.


  1. “11SX has stainless steel plates”
    So is that all stainless plates, or just the inner plates? I’ve been waiting for an all-stainless chain so I can actually clean the oil off the outside and not have it go rusty as soon as it rains.

  2. Do I need this if my current XX1 setup is WORKING JUST FINE? I don’t get it–if you have a homogenous 1x system, and IF IT’S SETUP CORRECTLY, then it will work just fine out of the box. Again, if something’s amiss, it’s usually user/setup error (incorrect chain line, frame tolerance causing issues at the CS/SS junction, etc.).

    I think this is simply an aftermarket part looking to fix a non-existent issue, and providing trailhead rats fodder for more talking and less riding (like the Jones bicycle–that thing was made only for people who need attention and friends).

  3. @Equine Master Perhaps you are confused about what/who Wippermann is and does. Wippermann has been making roller chains for the bicycle industry since 1893 in germany and they make some great chains. Of course they are going to come out with a new 11 speed chain, it’s all that they do. Making chains is their business. As far as people standing at trail heads talking about chains, that just never happens.

  4. Any idea when this will come out in 10 speed? My current Wipperman chain is almost worn out after 3 years and while I can’t complain about the shifting performance or durability, why not run the latest?

  5. @ Equine: Wippermann never said you “need” it nor did they say it was a solution to anything. I have no idea why you’re making it sound like they did.

    They just merely put out that they made a supposed improvement to their design. The article literally said they’re not adding a new model to their line, but updating the existing line.

  6. it’s about time they adjusted the plate shapes. theyve been on the back foot for a while, with the loudest-running, clunkiest-shifting of them all. hopefully this will make them relevant again.

  7. …although that square peening of the pin on the cheaper chain is ancient. didnt know people were still doing that. how low in other chain companies’ lines do you have to go to see that? with shimano, it’s their 8speed chains. even their cheapest 9speed chain has circumferential peening…

  8. I will say this for wipperman, beyond all else: I’ll keep buying their quicklinks over having to use a masterlink tool. SRAM & Shimano are full of crap with their not selling quicklinks for 10sp, wipperman one works just fine.

    Beyond that, SRAM & Shimano chains aren’t significantly worse than wipperman like they used to be(especially SRAM,) so it’ll be interesting if this brings them back to being noticeably better like they’ve been for 9sp.

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