Quarq Dura-Ace DA9000 power meter crankset

Quarq has added another option to their crank spider based power meter offerings. Already stocking units for a variety of SRAM cranksets (including the new XX1 mountain bike version) Specialized and Cannondale, now you can add Dura-Ace DA9000 to the mix.

The unit gets all the new technology introduced with the XX1 model, including the multipoint temperature calibration to keep it accurate from 0º to 130º F (-17C to 54C) and accelerometer based cadence measurements. Those combine with their usual features – OmniCal (maintains accuracy regardless of chainring selection) and Power Balance (captures left and right side strokes independently).

You will have to swap to their ExoGram hollow carbon crank arm, but if you’ve already got the Shimano crankset, then at least you won’t have to buy new chainrings. Yes, SRM has offered 11-speed DA power meter cranks since last fall with a version of Shimano’s crank to maintain the aesthetic, but they’re double the price…


The other difference between this and the SRM option is the Quarq gets a replaceable battery.


The accelerometer based cadence capture is claimed to be accurate up to 160rpm, and all older models can be updated to capture that data without a magnet on the frame. It’s a firmware update, and now they’ve made it easier than ever to perform it through their Qalvin software. Now available on more platforms, Qalvin 1.5 updates to add Windows and Mac desktop compatibility, and is still a free download and still available as an iOS or Android app, too.


SRAM/Quarq also had the best USB drive we received at Eurobike.



  1. Will this work on my ’14 Trek Madone BB90? If so, sold. Stages is a no go because of DA BR9010 between chain stays. I can’t imagine it’s worth it to shell out on an SRM…? Thanks!

  2. Anders, I completely side with ya. Kinda weird but some people really don’t care about that. Same as some bikes coming with Di2 and Zipp wheels.

  3. @Pete: Trek makes a BB90 bearing kit specifically for GXP cranksets.

    @Anders: Looks to be all Quarq/SRAM except for the Shimano chain rings, sold separately.

  4. The main reason shimano stopped carbon cranks is they are too flexy for their liking.

    I run a powertap and rate it. Also Stages DA9000 on many of my bikes. Both are the best product and incredibly priced for those living in western economies.

  5. The clever part about this is I now have a way to put shimano chainrings on my BB30 frame without an adapter…with a power meter. Perfect.

  6. @Dad, that’s what he’s trying to avoid doing. The DA 9010 brakes are superior to the Bontrager offering, and if he’s riding a 7-series Madone, Stages won’t fit even with the Bontrager brakes!

  7. @Gabe – eh? Read what Dad’s said – he has (basically) the same frame, and says the Stages does fit with the Bontrager brakes. Perhaps the DA ones are different, but they do fit with Bonty brakes.

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