maxxis pace and tread lite mountain bike tiress

The Pace cross country tire we’ve been seeing on pro bikes doesn’t have distribution in the U.S. or Germany. While we don’t have an explanation for North America, the Germans say it’s too heavy for XC racing, so they don’t bother importing it. Word is, the lowest weight version is around 700g, which is a bit portly for XC.

The solution? The new Tread Lite, a semi slick that’s tipping the scales at just 530g for a 26×2.10. The 27.5×2.10 is 560g or 595g with the EXO protective casing. 29ers are 590g and 630g. All are tubeless ready, which they designate simply as TR, and have 120tpi casings.

Now, on to more aggressive knobbies, which includes the road bike rubber…

maxxis griffin dh mountain bike tire

The Griffin is a new DH tire for dry, hardback courses like South Africa and Leogang. Available in Super Tacky or 3C. It’s been tested by several of their regional pros, some of whom say they prefer it as a rear tire since the knobs aren’t very tall. The ramped shape, though, makes it roll quick and easy. It’ll come in 26×2.4 and 27.5×2.4 with weights running from 1,130g to 1,190g depending on wheel size and rubber compound.

maxxis shorty enduro mountain bike tire

Shorty gets a new folding bead, lighter version for enduro racing. It’s only in 2.3 widths, but for all three tire sizes. They get 3C Maxx Terra, which is their enduro type triple compound mix, with TR and EXO casings. Weights are 825g, 865g and 910g.

maxxis wetscream mud downhill mountain bike tire

Wetscream gets a 650B size, but it won’t start shipping until March 2015. It has the Super Tacky tread compound. That might be a bit soft for really biting into the mud, but it’s far cheaper than their 3C. Weight is 1,270g.

Not shown, the Ardent becomes available in TR/EXO in all versions and all sizes. And, as we suspected, the tread pattern for the 29er version changes just a bit, giving every other middle transition knob a small extra hook off the outside edge. The Crossmark 29×2.1 also gets the TR/EXO upgrade.

For the kids, the new Snyper 24×2.0 comes in two versions (wire and folding, 650g and 600g respectively), both with dual compound rubber.

We’ve seen their Mammoth fat bike tire and Chronicle 29+ tire, but you know fat tires are huge.

The new Relix and Dolomite road bike tires are meant for longer, multiday rides that may take you across rougher roads. Both have a bit of tread across the entire top surface for wet weather traction. Silk Shield is their road specific puncture protection, and both have it the Dolomites gates their upper end 170tpi casing. Weights are just 160g for the Relix TT 700×23 with single compound rubber, but the ones you want are the 700×23 and 700×25 with dual compound rubber and the Silk Shield. Weights aren’t avaiLlabe for the Dolomites.

For cyclocross, the Mud Wrestler gets a TR casing with EXO sidewall protection. It comes in at 370g for a 700×33.


  1. I love the look of that Tread Light, just the tire I’ve been looking for, but I wish it was a tad wider, a 2.2 to pair with an Ikon or Ardent Race would be my perfect summer combo. I’m sure a 2.35 version with slightly bigger side knobs and heavier sidewalls would be a great dry AM/ enduro rear tire as well.

    Tires meant for longer, multiday rides that may take you across rougher roads that max out at only 25mm. That’s a joke right?

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