kore dropper post prototype

Kore was hiding a new dropper post in plain sight, but they were keeping a few parts hidden from the camera.

In the works for almost a year, they’re close to finalizing the design. The basics are 125mm of drop, 420mm long and 31.6/30.9 diameters. How it works internally wasn’t something they wanted to talk about, but the cable enters from the bottom and pulls down on a faceplate. Inside, that plate is connected to two thin metal strands that go to the top part and release something to let it drop or rise. They should have a final design in Spring 2015 and be ready to talk specifics then.

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kore dropper post prototype

It’s an air sprung system, using an external valve that’s easily accessed from the back of the clamp head. The clamp itself is a clever design, using a single bolt to adjust tilt and two bolts to tighten the saddle rails. The clamp can be flipped around to change between 5mm and 20mm offset. Target weight and price are TBD, but they say the weight should “really good compared to others.”

kore dropper post prototype

The bottom design will change, making the red and silver pieces here into a single part. The red part here was threaded in and acted as a barrel adjuster to remove cable slack, but they’ll morphs to an inline barrel adjuster for production units.

The lever will have a normal paddle shape but as a here piece design that lets you set it up on either side and above or below the bar.

The new Ikon grip gets some clever design features. They wanted it to only lock on at the inside so the outside could be softer for resting hands on the edge of the bar. So, the inner sleeve is truncated to put a thick rubber section at the end. The grip uses a relieved grip pattern rather than protruding nubs, which should be far more durable even with the fairly soft rubber compound.

There’s also a relief in the middle of the sleeve to put a thicker rubber section under the meat of your hand. The lock ring is kept in place by a small lip on the sleeve, too. Retail is $24.99 in black and gray with black lock rings.

Aerox rim added to the wheels line to create an XC wheelset. It’s built on the Durox hubs from their other, wider wheels, but with a 26mm wide rim (21mm internal) and 27.5″ and 29er sizes. Weight is 1,665g for the 27.5″ set.

The Durox DH wheelset gets a new, beefed up front hub with larger bearings that let a 20mm thru axle sleeve directly into them rather than use oversized end caps like before.

The Torsion direct mount stem gets a new 30mm length to go with the 50mm. GT bikes asked for it as their top tube lengths grew.

The rest of the line gets minor graphics updates.


  1. Those handlebars look like they’re a meter long.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice stem out of the Kore line-up, the Kore Cubix. Excellent price (online) for a lightweight stem (50mm – 115g claimed) made just how I like, which a nice modest splash of color.

  2. @ Duncan

    Can you qualify what makes the wheels bad? Hubs, rims and/or overall build quality?

    I’m curious as I am considering using a set of Durox hubs in a build but haven’t been able to find much in the way of reviews.


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