Chris King Lefty Prototype Hub

Spotted on professional cyclist Ryan Trebons twitter feed, this fancy new Lefty hub from Chris King is currently not in their catalog. The company originally let slip they were working on a conversion kit for their oversized mountain bike hubs last year at Sea Otter, but had not set an official release date. From what we were told then, the hub will utilize their existing non-drive clamp fitting, but have all new axle parts.

We’ll post more details as we get them…


  1. The needle bearings produce less drag on the suspension than any other type of bearing currently in use. Rolling is better than sliding. What’s your proposed alternative? Seal drag on a mtb? Yeah, welcome to durability.

    If your Lefty has the wrong races equipped, or has not been serviced enough, it could have a little more drag than optimal. The correct setup does involve testing the drag to reduce it completely.

  2. I said it before and now even CK knows Lefty is King. Haha. Seriously, you can’t beat the performance. I rode Fox forks for 12 years. I put a Lefty on my fat bike and that was it. Adios Fox.

    I’ve also been riding Chris King hubs for over 15 years. I’ve have been bummed that I couldn’t put the king on the front until now! Sweet.

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