Since the introduction of the RockShox RS-1 there has been a discussion about the availability of compatible front hubs. Due to the Predictive Steering, the forks require a special hub design that initially was very limited in manufacturers.

While there has been some talk of SRAM approved hub designs, other manufacturers like American Classic have taken it upon themselves to design their own hub for the new fork. Technically still a prototype, we get a sneak peek at the new hub next…


While not technically approved by RockShox for use with the fork, American Classic is confident in the design stating that it’s not only stiffer than the competition but offers adjustability of the bearings as well. This is done through a larger stainless steel axle as well as bigger bearings. Speaking with AC guru Bill Shook on the design, he told us that the knurling on the other hubs on the market isn’t really needed which is why the AC hub uses just a flat aluminum surface which will prevent it from digging into the aluminum dropouts.


The weight of the hub is slightly more than the others available due to the larger bearings and axle, but the trade off should be increased adjustability and durability. American Classic is supplying OEMs with the hubs now, and will offer them for aftermarket sales in the future to match demand.


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