The new K-Edge Aero Garmin Mount was developed at the request of Team Sky. Apparently, after they switched to K-Edge mounts to increase the strength if their Garmin mounting device, they wanted something more aero. In the wind tunnel, the team was seeing turbulence coming off the standard 500 mount. They asked founder Joe Savola if he could make something more aero. Oh, and could he do it in three weeks so they’d have it for the Tour de France?

Yes, he could, and the result is the new Aero Garmin Mount. The team also wanted the computer to sit a bit closer to the handlebar, so this model is a bit shorter than the 500 mount. Retail will be $39.99, available Oct. 1.

With the advent of cameras being allowed on race bikes, their popularity in the peloton pushed up development of their new GoPro mount for their computer mounts…

k-edge aero garmin mount

The aero advantage comes not just from the smoother mount profile, but also from the fact that the computer sits closer to the bar, smoothing the air flow over between parts. With a team like Sky, it’s all about marginal gains, and this might be as marginal as it gets, but it’s still a gain.

k-edge aero garmin mount

The bottom face is smooth all the way back. For those who want the computer a little further out, the current 500 and XL mounts will stay in the line.

k-edge gopro garmin  combo camera and cycling computer handlebar mount

Looking to reduce clutter on your bar as well as drag? K-Edge has you covered there, too. The new Garmin GoPro Combo Mount Adapter puts your GoPro or any other compatible action sports camera underneath the computer using a machined alloy part. At the start, it will only come in black, but colors may come in the future (don’t hold your breath). Available for $19.99 on its own, it’ll bolt onto any of their current computer mounts with the plastic insert. Get it as a combo with the mount and you’ll save five bucks.

Not shown, they’ll also be offering a new Cateye pro mount, similar to the Garmin ones but more square.


  1. instead of a go pro mount, a light mount would be really really nice. clean look on the bars and still allow me to extend out my rides.

  2. Fantastic engineering! I couldn’t be bothered bringing my GoPro anywhere due to the mounting headaches. This is foolproof.

    @wertsrider: You can. Buy a light that uses standard GoPro mounting brackets, like a MagicShine

  3. I think its cool. Now I will buy a gopro. I currently have garmin edge. I will just have to get on with life by being slowed down by .000023456 miles per hour….. maybe my mommy will feel sorry for me, she always does…

  4. @wertsrider

    The GoPro swivel mount is M5 threaded, just like rack and fender eyelets on a bike.

    You can use any M5 light mount, such as the Paul Components Gino (or similar from Origin-8, etc), and screw it in where a GoPro would have otherwise been attached. Then just strap your light on using its standard handlebar clamp

    This is how I mount my MagicShine knockoff light on a combo Garmin/GoPro CNC mount made by “Rec-Mounts”. Rec-Mounts seems to have started by ripping of K-Edge’s designs, but I must say at this point Rec-Mounts beats K-Edge on diversity and flexibility, and has all but eliminated any gap in production quality.

  5. Check out recmounts from Japan. They have been working on multi adapters for your bike long before k-edge got wind of this. Their newest mount allows you to substitute various different light attachments, gopro, etc. below your Garmin.

  6. I’ve used two rec-mounts in the past. Their quarter turn system is not quite as “notchy” as a K-Edge, also they’re pretty heavy. Additionally, I found the Rec-mount Gopro prongs to be too stiff to cinch down…thus making the GoPro slip in place, unless you use a tool to tighten it (which kind of defeats the purpose of having finger-screws)

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