IMG_2871.JPG Finish Line’s latest lubricant is meant for your pedals rather than your chain. Their new Dry Film Pedal and Cleat Lube is specifically formulated to stick to the parts but not the environment. Approved for use use with Speedplay pedals as well as all other metal or composite cleats, the lube is totally dry and will not attract dirt.

Depending on the conditions Finish Line expects applications to last about a month. Once applied the lubricant will help break in new pedals and cleats, prevent older ones from squeaking, and free up available float while providing smooth entry and release. Finish Line mentions you can use the lube on other parts where a dry lube is beneficial but should not be used on chains.

Pedal and Cleat is sold in a 5 oz aerosol can for $8.99 and will be available next month.


  1. Good grief really? Is there a 650b specific lube also?

    So Finish Lines other lubricants that lets say, lubricant and keep clean your chain won’t work?

  2. Dripping chain lube on my pedals never made much sense. I usually mist my pedals with whatever aerosol lubricant I have at hand, but if this stuff lasts longer and attracts less grime then I’ll give it a try if it shows up at my LBS.

  3. I’d try this stuff. God knows I’ve used up enough rags and grease cleaning/lubing speedplays. Another tip for lube – T9 can be had for ~ $15 for 12oz aerosol can at West Marine.

  4. A 650b lube makes perfect sense. But only to people that a 650b makes sense.

    Pedal and cleat lube is an interesting idea. I will try it.

  5. Blaster Dry Lube with PTFE works well for Speedplay road cleats, similar to Speedplay’s SP-Lube, but easier to apply (by virtue of being an aerosol). I’ll definitely be giving this Finish Line product a try though, to see which I prefer.

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