crank brothers cobalt 1 wheelset

The new Crank Brothers Cobalt 1 wheels bring their paired spoke design to a much lower price point.

They have a 21mm inside rim width using the same rim shape and bead hook design, but it gets a new extrusion that uses more traditional spoke lacing. That is, it’s still a paired spoke design, but they’re drilled and use much shorter nipples. Those, compared to the longer alloy spoke sections of their other wheels, saves money, as does the simpler rim construction.

crank brothers cobalt 1 wheelset

The hubs look a bit different but the internals are the same as the higher end Cobalts. That means all axle XC-ish compatibility. It’ll be available in 27.5 and 29er only. Weights are 1,900g and 1,975g respectively.

They come ready to go tubeless with rim tape and valve stems and retail for just $399 (€350).

Crank Brothers has upped their tool offerings, dipping their toes into the shop tool segment with new Y-Tools.

The triangle wrench isn’t new, but these neatly tuck two of them into a plastic sleeve, holding together with magnets. One gets the commonly used 4/5/6 hex wrenches, the other gets a 2.5 and 8, plus a socket that’ll hold all the other size bits.

Two models will be available, the 16 with a built in CO2 inflator tip and chain breaker, and the 12 with extra storage compartments. Full specs below…

The 8 builds in a rubber o-ring to help stabilize the chain breaker, but it’ll still work for pedals and other large items.

Retail is $30 for the 12, and $60 for the 16. The wrenches and tools are all investment cast steel, and the bits are standard 1/4″ steel bits that can be found at any hardware store should you lose them.

The Mallet DH flat pedal now comes in black. We hear there are more colors coming to the brand, stay tuned for an update soon.


  1. I’m intrigued about that new multitool. My current CB multitool is the best one i’ve ever used, but it’s getting pretty rusted from some recent wet races. Gonna have to see if I can find it locally to see it in person. In theory it could work out pretty well, or potentially just fall apart regularly.

  2. When you said “clever Y-tool” I thought maybe the first Y tool was clever; what could be clever about a ‘new’ one? But you’re right. That is pretty clever.

  3. It’s a great idea for my camelbak or seatbag, but as a shop tool I would find it cumbersome to have to assemble my chain tool every time I used it. Plus there is a good chance that the smaller pieces would fall off the bench into the black hole that swallows most tools.

  4. Matt, one has to read past the many typos/errors on BR; we love them anyway.

    My nit with these multitools that use plug-in bits is the many moving parts that wiggle and squirm as you’re torquing a bolt or whatever.

  5. CrankBrothers is one of my fav companies, super chill staff, they create products that work well and are appropriately priced and they actually bring innovation to the industry.

    Exited to see more tools from this guys

  6. I bought their first tool, the torx stripped the first time i used it, they sent me 2 replacements which were single use as well.

    Will never buy anything from them again. Are you people for real?


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