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While an overeager distributor leaked some of the details last month, Bell is officially launching their new Super 2R helmet today. The helmet, which has been raced by Mathew Slaven for several months on the enduro race circuit, features a removable chin bar. Which makes it possible to convert into a half lid when climbing, or a full face for descending.

Find out how after the break.

In many European races, riders are required to wear a full face during the timed descents, and a helmet at all times. As a result, many have taken to toting two helmets. A half lid for between stages, and a full face for rallying the gnar.



The Super 2 borrows buckle technology from the ski industry to make fastening the chin bar possible without removing the helmet.


Unfortunately, the new piece will only be compatible with the Super 2, which is the update to the outstanding Super we reviewed last year. Total weight for the entire helmet is a claimed 694 grams ( 24.5 oz), and it is certified to the CPSC Bicycle and CE EN1078 standards.


The Super 2R will be available in three sizes, and will also come equipped with ICEdot emergency identification and notification service. After setting up a user profile, first responders will be able to access emergency contact info and any special health conditions via SMS text through a standard mobile device.

The helmet will be available five standard color ways, three of which will have a MIPS liner. The Super 2 (sans chin bar) will retail for $135, which is $10 more than the current Super. The MIPS version will run $155. Base retail for the Super 2R, which includes the chin bar, will be $200, with the MIPS version costing an additional $20. Expect the first units to start shipping in November.

We’ll have our first opportunity to ride the helmet, and talk tech with the engineers next month, so please leave your questions in the comments.



  1. Remember the giro switchblade? Bell and Giro are sister companies. Crash with that and the face guard would shatter and destroy your face? Time will tell but I like the idea.

  2. Full Face helmets offer great protection when worn with a neck brace.
    Without the jaws,teeth and skin suffer trauma in almost similar rates( not severity) to open face helmets. (study of trauma pt at Christchurch hospital )
    Adding a slip plane aka MIPS won’t help your jaw and may or may not help your brain.
    Helmets move on your head when crashing with out MIPS.
    Having a peak to dig into the grund seems dangerous to you neck and brain

  3. Super 2R w/MIPS and Schwalbe’s Procore…$500 needed from Santa this year already and eurobike news is still only just beginning to trickle in.

  4. It would be neat if the jaw part was sold separately and one could buy it to upgrade existing super helmets, and the Super 2 when needed!

    Or have Bell said anything about that already?

  5. @Swoop

    The chin bar will not be compatible with the Super, but if you buy a Super 2, it does sound like you will be able to buy the removable chin piece later.

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