Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge

We recently showed you the press release on Trek’s chromed out beauty that honors Jens and his final professional race on US soil. Now check out the real pics from Stage 4 of the USA Pro Challenge, next…

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_4

Jens held a significant lead over the peloton for the last portion of Stage 4 in Colorado Springs. But he was screaming by far too fast to catch any of these gorgeous details.

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_2

The now famous line, affixed prominently – Jens will never forget his mantra.

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_9

The Trek rep was overjoyed to pass around this custom frameset. One of only two produced, this was Jens’ actual spare frame.

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_8

The story was told of just how excited Jens was to receive this career honoring frameset. Apparently, Jens was walking around Aspen during stage 1 and showing off all these custom details to everyone he ran into. Folks clamoring for an autograph ended up with a personal show-and-tell from Mr. Voigt himself.

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_6 Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_5

The rainbow of colors along the top-tube correspond with those delineated down the down-tube. Supposedly each is ranked in order of most significant influences in Jens’ career, starting with his wife Stephanie, his children, his country, etc. There must be a lot of meaning there for the retiring German – no wonder he was so exuberant.

Jens Voigt Custom Trek At Pro Challenge_7

One Last Time Jens! The USA Pro Challenge wraps up this Sunday in Denver, CO.


  1. So it’s a chrome painted frame with a shitload of stickers. Not even under the clear, from the looks. Seriously? Voigt deserves better imo.

  2. @Tmeck Indeed… It’s so easy to order custom made proper vinyls for under the clear coat… And specially if it’s gonna be a limited series of just two units… In one word: TREK

    the design looks gerat though.

  3. Is that shimano equipped?! It says shimano on it. I had a bike that was shimano equipped once. It was so nice. This must be a nice bike.

  4. haha, I love the haters. Clear coats on bikes (if done properly) are extremely thin and thus why the outline of the decals are sticking through. Something tells me that a company like Trek knows what they are doing. Especially since they do all of this paint in house, I’m assuming.

  5. mjw12867 – Trek makes this frame and some others in the US, by Trek, not Giant. True, they make many “lower end” models in Asian, mostly in Giant factories.

    But, that doesn’t negate the fact that Trek makes this and all madone’s 6 & 7 in the US. Now if you feel you don’t want to pay for a US made Trek – that is your problem (deleted)

  6. I will agree that the detailing should have all been hand painted, not even stickers under clear. An artist could have easily been hired for $500 for the day it would have taken them to paint prior to clear coating. Outside that it is a nice tribute.

  7. I’ve despised all trek bikes.
    That is until now.
    They are making some really great stuff these days.
    @ Jack, I’m with you on that, they should make this frame available to us mortals.

  8. It’ll be Jens’ last ride for sure when the glare off the chrome paint blinds him and he veers off the road into a telephone pole.

  9. To all of the haters, think positive:
    When the frame chrash or gets a impact, the frame will be useless and has to be scrapped! 🙂

    It was nice and fine, and I like the “flow” of the carbon, it’s very different from a steelframe, and chrome/shininess are strongly underrated, it’s way better than black.

    “@ Jack, I’m with you on that, they should make this frame available to us mortals.”

    I strongly disagree, there are plentiful of custom steelframebuilders, where one can have custom color/shapes/geometry and the price of a carbonframe in one special color can be more expensive than a framebuilder.

    Why are people always forgetting that’s possible to paint their own frame in
    their own favorite color?

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