Hutchinson’s Python mountain bike tire has carried Julien Absalon to multiple World Cup XC wins over the years. It’s combination of low profile center knobs and fast rolling, near continuous center line provided the minimal rolling resistance needed to go fast, and their premium Race Riposte rubber compound and taller side knobs provided the grip.

Now, Hutchinson is set to release an updated Python2 at Eurobike. This teaser shot suggests superficial changes are limited to a bit of interstitial patterning around the center knobs, so we’re guessing the substance is more tech oriented. We’ll have the full breakdown next week at the show. Until then, pics of the current model after the break so you can make your own comparison…



  1. Wayne, on anything but hardpack, tire patterns are designed to penetrate, then trap dirt, and it’s the dirt that provides the grip. So look at the negative space in between the knobs to see what grip it will provide and for what kind of dirt.

    That said, I had some Pythons years ago and I remember how drifty they were in the corners. Thrilling!


  2. continuous center tread = no breaking power whatsoever, especially on roots… Really, with low profile center knobs, the ‘continuous’ is useless.

  3. I love pythons and they provide excellent grip when run at proper pressure. That being said, they also have very low rolling resistance, which I appreciate when I’m tired.

  4. Mr. P, I co-designed the High Roller II, as well have tested many tires with Maxxis and CST. I think I do understand what is going on with tire knobs and dirt. A basic knob shape combined with specific patterns is more than sufficient for all dirt types and applications (moto tires). Anything else is marketing.

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