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Smith has released details on the three new PivLock performance sunglasses we covered earlier this summer: the Arena, Arena MAX, and Asana.

All three models are designed to maximize comfort and integrate with Smith helmets. Ergonomic features include two-position adjustable nose pieces, hydrophillic materials in the contact points to help keep the glasses in place, and a frameless design to maximize the vertical field of view so you can keep your head down while riding.

Integration with the Smith helmet line is via a matching contoured brow to improve ventilation and temple cutouts in the helmet designed to accommodate the shortened eyewear arms.

All models include three interchangeable PivLock lenses with a hyrdoleophobic coating to repel water, dirt and grease. We are happy to see the standard inclusion of a clear lens, making riding on shorter, colder days much more enjoyable.

Sizing, options, and pricing after the break…

The Arena (above) is a “medium” fit, with a 124 mm by 45 mm profile; for larger faces, the Arena MAX (below) has the same features as its counterpart, but with a lens measuring 130 mm by 48 mm. Both are available in the same twelve frame/lens color combinations. The Arena and Arena MAX will also be available for prescription lenses.

smith pivlock arena max
Arena Max White/Red fade with Red Sol-X lens

For women, Smith is offering the new Asana line with all of the features of the Arena, with a few additional tweaks based upon rider feedback. The lens profile measures in at 125 mm by 45 mm – identical to the Arena – but the arms are 5 mm shorter and feature side cutouts. As we reported previously, this change was designed to reduce hair pulls. The Asana is available in six color combinations, including black/platinum, white/platinum, and tortoise/brown in a rare industry break from insisting women’s products be doused in pink (below). No prescription option is available.

smith pivlock asana


Pricing for the Arena, Arena MAX and Asana is set at $159, and will be available at your LBS and online at in mid-September.


  1. Things that work together are fine & all, but: I tried on a Forefront. I wasn’t impressed, felt really big. That’s compared with any old helmet. you compare it with something exceptional, like a Bell Super, & it looks like an even worse choice.

  2. @groghunter Helps if you try on your size (and actually know your size). I have both Super & Forefront here and slightly prefer Forefront. Both are good/similar. As for the Arena, tried it at the trade show and fit is awesome. Nice followup to the V2…

  3. I do know my size, & tried a medium in both. Honestly though, it wouldn’t matter: those brow vents in the Super work so well in the southwest that I’ll never buy another helmet without them.

  4. I have owned the Pivlock v90s and currently own the Pivlock v2s. Can anyone confirm that the lenses are compatible across the board with each Pivlock system?

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