Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Mahogany On Mountain Bike

Nisnas Industries of Israel does astounding woodwork. Already well versed in multiple products for both on and off the bike use, including wooden fenders and leather/wood bags, recently Nisnas turned their craftsmanship toward a gorgeous wooden bicycle grip. But Nisnas is not primarily focused on the bottom-line like most companies. Rather, with all designs and products creating a profit sharing project, Nisnas Industries is focused upon creating opportunities for the local youth of Israel. But this story is not only about Nisnas’ business model, their new Daily Grip appears to have been executed so well it may just make you want to ride your bike more.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Mahogany

Daily Grips are handmade from your choice of maple or mahogany. But Nisnas did not want to make just another wooden grip like the many models currently in existence. So they rethought entire design.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Maple On Cruiser Bike

Nisnas states that while making a simple wood grip is easy, and making a good one is tough, “making a great on is artful.”

As seen in this video, the hardwood is lathed by hand, then press-fit over a 7000-series aluminum core-tube measuring 22mm in diameter. The result is an incredibly solid assembly that precisely interfaces with the handlebar.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Maple

Notice what appears to be a lack of the lock-on rings found on most all currently available wooden grips. Yet, the Daily Grips do not require the application of any adhesive to remain secure. The design was inspired by the traditional handle of the hunting knife. Two proprietary Chicago brass bolts thread through the aluminum frame of the grip, firmly securing the grip to the handlebar. No bulging lock-on rings, no messy adhesives. (Maybe just avoid spec’ing these on carbon bars.)

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Stainless Steel End Caps

To cap off the final product Nisnas has fabricated custom stainless steel coins to act as both functional protection of bar-ends and embellished jewelry that adds a final dimension of beauty.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Mahogany On Commuter Bike

Back to the incredible business model of Nisnas Industries. All proceeds generated by the sale of the Daily Grip will become seed money to establish a wooden-surfboard building program for Arab and Palestinian teens in Nisnas’ home city of Haifa. So equip your beach cruiser, or hipster fixie, or flat-bar 29er with a pair of Daily Grips, all the while knowing your riding is benefiting lives the world over.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Stainless Steel End Caps On Commuter Bike

Daily Grips currently command a price of $65, but as they do not wish to produce quantity that is in excess of demand, Nisnas Industry’s Daily Grips can be found via their Kickstarter program. As of publication most of the Early-Bird specials have been snatched up, but there remain 8 of 30 grips in maple for $55 — miss those and you can still grab either style for $65. Head on over and support this impressive effort.




  1. At ease mods, no need to delete this comment, it’s about israel, but it’s positive 🙂

    Excellent project. The only way to stop the violence is to come to common terms with one another.

    It’s a shame the leaders/governments don’t see it that way.

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