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As if there weren’t enough options for cycle computers already, now Pyle Audio’s Pyle Sports division is getting into the cycling game with their new PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer. Since the 1960’s Pyle has been a name in the audio world with products like their Pyle Driver woofers, but since the 2000’s the company has been expanding their reach to include the sports and outdoor markets as well.

Admittedly a far cry from metal detectors, cooler bags with built-in sound systems, and hunting cameras, their first attempt at a cycling computer brings some interesting features to the table. Pyle PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer in addition to a super long name offers post workout GPS functions, 80 hours of memory for functions like Ghost riders, and ANT+ compatibility, all under $140.

Details next..

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While the computer boasts “integrated Google Maps,” it’s not quite as good as it sounds. You can’t actually use the computer to navigate with Google Maps as you are riding, but you can download the ride afterwards and see the exact route via Google Maps. Similar to computers like the Sigma ROX 10.0 however, it does look like you can plot rides with the included GPS software and then use the computer to follow waypoints to get to your final destination.

In addition to the GPS functions, the computer includes a built in Smart Sensor to record speed and distance, as well as a barometric altimeter and ANT+ capabilities for adding heart rate, cadence, speed, RPM, distance, power meters and sensors from Garmin and Motorola, etc.

PSBCG90BK_everythingThe computer retails for $129.99 and includes all of the necessary accessories including a quarter turn mount.

One other critical detail – the GPS software is Windows compatible only. Available now in 5 colors.



  • GPS System Maps Your Route and Records It
  • Built-in Smart Sensor for Accurate and Reliable Results
  • Wirelessly Record Your Fitness, Exercise & Training Performances
  • Provides Timer, Calories Burned, Speed and Distance Readings
  • Connect to PC and Review Your Performance Data in Maps, Graphs & Charts
  • Integrated Barometer and Altitude Measurement
  • Built-in Memory Saves up to 80 Hours of Performance Records
  • Ghost feature Allows You to Challenge Your Best Time & Distance
  • Alarms Sound When Heart Rate, Speed, RPM, Time, Distance and Power Ranges are Reached
  • Includes Mount for Attachment to Your Bike Handlebar
  • System Includes Bicycling Computer, USB Charging Cable, USB Wall Power Adaptor, ‘GPS Sports Center’ Performance Analysis Software and Handlebar Mount Included ‘GPS Sports Center’ Software

Included GPS Sports Center Software

  • Connect to Your Computer and see Detailed Maps and Graphs
  • Satellite World View of Your Distance Traveled
  • Import & Export Performance Records for Analysis
  • Remembers Your Past Routes with Corresponding Times
  • Tracks Bicycling Sessions and Retains Them for Comparison and Improvement
  • Route Automation: Creates New Routes with Smart Algorithm GPS Technology
  • *Works with Windows PC Versions Only

ANT+ Wireless Technology

  • ANT+ Sensor Networking for Wireless Data Transmission
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz ANT+ Accessories
  • (Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed, RPM, Distance, Power Meters and Sensors)
  • Works With Popular Performance Sensors Made by Garmin® and Motorola®
  • Sold as : Unit
  • Weight :0.67 lbs.



  1. I hope they are better at bike computers than they are at graphics, that info graphic is seriously horrible. And maybe a bit of marketing help “PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer” doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

  2. Looks like a good deal for those who don’t need maps during the ride, though I’m sure the strava “athletes” will take offence at that chubby little cyclist on the display. No word on battery life? The USB plug looks like miniUSB, that should really be microUSB in this day and age, and they could deliver it without the charger. We have plenty of those already.

  3. I just don’t get the point of cycling GPS computers when you can get the same thing with a $20 bike computer and your phone running GPS tracking. I don’t know a rider that doesn’t bring their phone with for safety reasons, why not use that?

  4. Tad Dickman: Because if I used my phone for GPS tracking, then on the weekend rides the battery would be empty before I got home (8 hour rides with map usage). So safety dictates using a separate GPS. Also, a good bike GPS is better for cycling than a phone: Screen always on, easy to read in direct sunlight, waterproof, can be used with any kind of gloves, etc.

  5. Looks a lot like the copied the Garmin 1/4 turn mount style – bad idea! Unless the wings are really tough they won’t last.

    I agree with Rohan – Windows only fails.

  6. Gunnstein… you’ve never heard of a power bank? They are really cheap now and have the equivalent charging power of two full phone charges.

  7. Do this device have the world maps, like i’m from jordan and i need to know it i can use .. so is there jordan map or need to download it

  8. Initially the Pyle Bike Computer works pretty good but after a year will error out. Repairs can be up to $60. Tech support can be slow or not responsive…

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