If you’re planning on ditching the front derailleur soon, you are not alone. Seemingly overnight, the concept of a 1x drivetrain exploded in popularity after SRAM introduced XX1. While XX1 proved 1x drivetrains were viable options, it was other chainring manufacturers making 11 and 10 speed compatible chainrings that didn’t require a complete new drivetrain that really helped the trend along.

No one knows that better than Wolf Tooth Components whose entire business started off with 1x chainrings and has quickly expanded to other components, accessories, and now – tools. Wolf Tooth is also introducing a new patent pending asymmetric tooth design, details next…


From Wolf Tooth Components:

Wolf Tooth is excited to introduce our new patent pending asymmetric tooth design. This design optimizes mud performance and wear while maintaining the best in class chain retention properties of our current products.  As many people are learning (often the hard way), not all wide/narrow designs are created equal and we are excited to own the intellectual property behind what we believe to be the best performing solution for single chainring drivetrains.
We will be cutting all of our chainrings over to this new design over the next 6 months, and to that end we are introducing our redesigned 5-spoke Direct Mount chainrings for SRAM cranksets.  The 34T is on sale now and 32T will be ready later this week. Other sizes will follow over the next 2 weeks.  The new design not only has our new tooth profile, but it also has a more aggressive look without being overly flashy.  Bash ring users need not worry because we will retain the current 4-spoke Direct Mount line and corresponding bash guards in the most popular sizes.
BB tool 1 BB tool 2
BB tool 4 BB tool 3
On a completely separate note, we are also excited to introduce a new product line, bike tools. We will be making tools where we feel there are limited or no options available for a specific task. The first tool in that line is an Aluminum bottom bracket tool.  Ours is precision machined from 7075 billet aluminum so it won’t damage the threaded BB cups the way steel tools do, and it also has large finger notches for a good grip while starting the threads.  The MSRP for this tool will be $34.95.   We will have a few more details to share on this new product line at Interbike!

Currently offered in 5 spoke direct mount options for SRAM GXP Cranks, SDM chainrings with the new patent pending asymmetrical tooth design are available now in 34t, with others on the way. The rings will sell for $78.



  1. Cool so they’re releasing an aluminum BB tool that’s $10 more expensive than the equivalent park BBT-69 (CNC alu 3/8″ made in USA) and twice the price of the CNC lezyne SS which also doubles as a lockring tool. In 8 years I don’t think I’ve ever made a dent in the notches of a shimano external hollowtech BB, don’t really see the point of alu here. I guess if you HAVE to have red tools. Good first effort though, I’ll stick to my 5 dollar shimano wrench.

    The chain rings look nice, but that price is eye watering. I’ve had zero performance issues with the RF 104BCD that’s half the price; I guess it’s in line with market price for direct mount though.

  2. I’d be more worried about somehow stripping the square drive hole. The notches are both round and plentiful for a reason.

  3. The square drive in aluminum isn’t a problem, Chris King has been making those for as long as they’ve been doing there BB’s. I’ve used one extensively in the shop and through seized cups and all it’s still rock solid. The problem is the maximum torque rating for the socket is 5 ft/lbs below what a lot of manufactures recommend for installation torque.

  4. “We will be making tools where we feel there are limited or no options available for a specific task”
    So you introduce a very common tool but arguably in a less suitable material, way more pricy, and not meet the actual requirements set out by BB manufacturers? good work!

  5. I’ve been riding the current model all summer in 32-tooth GPX, it is stiff, smooth, and I have never dropped a chain. The black anodized teeth barely show any wear. It is lighter than a standard XX1 spider/ring setup, so not sure what to improve here. I also hit it pretty hard on a rock with no bash guard last week, still true. But if they want to improve it, make it lighter, all the better for my next replacement.

  6. It’s pitty that the manufacturers of NW rings are forgot about TRS race direct mount. Have no problems with original, but have more options is always better.

  7. A quick note on the torque markings: we marked the BB cup tools with a common torque spec. for this part. It is not the limit of the tool at all. We now see that some BB manufacturers recommend a higher torque (thanks for pointing this out everyone). We will mark a higher value in the future. It is safe to use this tool at any recommended BB cup toque.

  8. I have the Enduro BB tool. Al with steel inserts, 1/2″ drive. IMO better than this, for sure. Shimano, GXP, FSA and Campy compatible, and doesn’t damage cups.

  9. @TRW — none of the features you mention are part of our patent applications.
    @Nick — we started with 1/2″ drive but most people seem to have 3/8″ torque wrenches so we went back to that size.
    @2in1 — this appears to be a constructive comment. Those are not allowed here 😉

  10. We have a similar tool at the shop. I love it, most of the mechanics walk across the shop to get it. Even at high volume I haven’t seen damage to the spline or socket section.

  11. Best external BB tool we’ve ever bought is the Sunlite Ergo BB tool (part no. 62589). @J&B for $20-25. 1/2″ drive on the back and it’ll fit into a Thule load bar.

  12. I’m guessing the people that prefer the heavy/bulky steel tools are not pro race mechanics that have to fly with there tools. Yes guys size and weight of tools matters to some and they are willing to pay more. This maybe a small market but it exists. Good idea 2in1, one less thing in the race box! Woolf tooth makes great products and I can’t wait to see what they produce next. Thanks guys!

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