SMS Audio CEO Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson shows off a pair of the new SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel alongside NY Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony
SMS Audio CEO Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson shows off a pair of the new SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel alongside NY Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony

Hip hop star 50 Cent’s company, SMS Audio is partnering with Intel to offer the new BioSport In-Ear Headphones with an integrated biometric sensor to measure your heart rate. The wired headphone/HR monitor is powered through a 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack thereby circumventing batteries and bulk, and the Stay-Fit Wing design should help prevent it ending up in your spokes. The BioSport promises sound quality on par with the SMS STREET by 50 In-Ear Wired Sport Headphone, and has an inline microphone for call integration. We presume there will be sound/music/app control buttons similar to the MFI controller on the STREET, but details are not available.

The product’s suitability for cycling and multisport training is not too clear.  Currently, the unit is only compatible with the Runkeeper fitness app, but SMS claims additional app integration is in the works. Also, while the headphones are IPX4 rated for resistance to “a splash of water from any direction for five minutes,” they are not rated to withstand a swim workout. Furthermore, it is illegal for cyclists to wear headphones in Florida and Rhode Island; California, Delaware and Maryland require that one ear remain uncovered while riding. However, should Strava, MapMyRide, et al become integrated, and if you are someone who prefers to minimize the number of devices and hates wearing a chest strap, the BioSport will deserve serious consideration…

Biosport Earbud

The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel will be available in blue, grey, pink, and yellow. The earphones are  slated to go on sale at in the fourth quarter. Pricing has not been announced, but the STREET currently retails for $79.95, so expect something north of there.


  1. So easy just to judge a product because of who’s promoting it. I’m not even a major fan of 50, but he’s a successful businessman. This idea isn’t too bad, but I’d question the cycling society demand/market. You’d have to really hate glancing down at a computer to consider this. Otherwise, for running it’s a nice idea.

  2. “Stay-Fit Wing design should help prevent it ending up in your spokes.”

    What does the headphones have to do with your wheels? I get that it has a heart monitor attached, but unless they are saying that their is a cadence magnet that is supposed to attach to the spokes or something, I really don’t see how the wires would come anywhere near the spokes.

  3. @Ajax, it’s referring to the potential for the headphones to fall out of your ears while riding and then get into the front wheel.

  4. It may be impossible to make riding with two earbuds in illegal, but it is an accurate indicator of intelligence – or lack thereof.

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