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Continuing with their habit of creating interesting infographics on the state of mountain biking, the crew from is at it again. The latest visual introspection into two wheeled fun comes in the form of a graphic based on a survey they ran last month that focused on trail features, advocacy, and trail etiquette. Singletracks’ Editor in Cheif Greg Heil points out that the information isn’t designed to push any agenda, but represents the results of their survey in an interesting way.

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  1. Glad to live in Norway where there is no such thing as an “illegal trail”. Ride wherever you want, trail or not, and don’t pay anyone, no matter if the land is private or state owned. The law prevents land owners from banning cycling and hiking. (The flip side is that there are no prepared trails, so you must be prepared to walk/climb when the terrain gets too rough for wheels. I can live with that.)

  2. Unless I am reading it wrong, the “who should yield…” is very disappointing. Horses? – there is a huge safety reason everyone should dismount and wait for a horse to pass. If one must pass a horse, be sure to ask the riders permission. Their life and yours could be at stake. Horses can spook easily and a cyclists looks very different than someone walking, to a horse.

  3. @jbikes/topmounter – I think that section is simply adding up to 100%, which makes zero sense. No way to ask that question properly and get those results. I’m actually more concerned about the uphill/downhill pie chart. I’ve had far more run-ins with that scenario than yielding to horses/hikers/etc.

  4. These statistics can be misleading. Truth: These numbers don’t represent the greater mountain biking population (and if it did where is the margin of error). Why? This isn’t a random sample – it’s only a representative of the mountain bikers who use in July. Think I’m being picky and that it doesn’t matter? A case can be made that a certain demographic uses

    For example, I would guess that those bikers new to an area would be more likely to seek out trails via So this study likely overestimates those riders that are connected online and looking for new trails. It makes sense then that this study’s riders are looking for fun and excitement and to explore. Those of us that know the trails and ride our local spot 2-3 times a week are probably not looking to explore (maybe a stress relief or escape) and I would guess are more likely to volunteer at the local spots they frequent. Also, it’s not a big jump to say the strava users found in this study are overestimated.

    Not trying to discredit this survey, just readjusting the way it should be read. What do I know though, I’m only a statistician.

    Oh, and the riders that prefer hand-built trails are expert males aged over 44? huh?

  5. Interesting that Downhill/Freeride make up less than 10% of riders but the DVD’s contain almost nothing but and a lot of the magazines aren’t far behind.

  6. Equestrians are done and for good reason. Can you imagine if horse back riding was just invented? Yeah sure bring your uncontrollable animal on a narrow public trail where other users have to take extreme measures to accommodate you for fear of injury, sounds perfectly reasonable. [rolleyes]

  7. I’m lost with all the categories. What is the difference between XC, Trail an All mountain ? I have no clue, I just ride my MTB on different type of paths, from gravel roads to single track in altitude.

    Also, what is an illegal trail ? Are trails illegal by default out there ? I just ride wherever I want until I see a private property or specific sign forbidding bikes. I’ve yet to find one except at the entrance of an highway ! I live in europe btw.

  8. @bikemaster. Would you prefer it if Mountain Bikers hitch hiked?

    Or should I uproot my family, change jobs and move closer to the trails?

    There are plenty of road cyclists in my road cycling club that drive to group rides as well. Just the way it happens sometimes.
    Can you show your source for how you arrived at 95%?

  9. Average mountain biker spends 6 hours a week riding? Super surprising considering that majority of them also do not identify themselves as racers, xc riders or use strava. I would have guessed that this survey group would be in the 2-3 hour /week max.

  10. @fred – “I would have guessed that this survey group would be in the 2-3 hour /week max.”

    People give answers that make them feel good about themselves. Polls are great at getting people to engage in psychological projection. Polls are useless in getting people to be honest about their level of knowledge about something, or their depth of experience in something.

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