Boxxer Ohlins Damper

It’s a not so well kept secret that famed Swedish Suspension group Ohlins has been developing a fork for downhill applications. We originally spotted the full blown prototype briefly in the new asymmetric Specialized Demo Carbon 650b launch video posted by Red Bull Media, but a chance look at Brad Benedict’s new bike confirmed the rumors.

We literally have zero information on the new product, but in addition to the inverted fork we’ve previously spotted, it appears they are testing a damper inside Boxxer internals.

Boxxer Ohlins Damper 2

It’s still up in the air if they plan on selling the drop in damper separately, or are only testing in a Boxxer to remain incognito. From what we can tell, the two screws on top of the fork likely adjust high and low speed compression.

What we do know is that the Italian distributor of Ohlins has let it slip that their acclaimed TTX coil shock, which is only available currently on Specialized bikes, may soon be available for other models.

We have more pictures of Brad Benedict’s bitching bike, so stay tuned for the full bike check soon!


  1. “From what we can tell, there were no external adjustments atop the fork”
    aren’t the allens on top external “dials”?
    looks cool!

  2. @NSP

    You’re right. While I traditionally think of adjusters as being knobs, the alleys on the cap are likely adjusters. They’re just moto style.

  3. Im going out on a limb here… this is not going to be a “drop in” damper. They are only using the Boxxer as a the test mule. Complete fork is in the works.

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