Kinetic Z-Rollers


Kinetic by Kurt is rolling out some new goods and we’ve got a quick first look.

The new Z-Rollers (spotted as a prototype at FrostBike) are Kinetic’s first foray into the roller trainer market. Built around 90 mm diameter drums, the aluminum frame folds into thirds. The resulting 21″ x 20″ x 8.8″ package will be easy to transport to races or slide under your bed when not in use. The target MSRP is $309.00, look for more details after the official launch at Interbike.

Details on the Twenty20 tilting bottle cage and the Speed Bag after the break…

Kinetic Twenty20 bottle cage

The nifty Kurt Twenty20 bottle cage offers a solution for tight triangles and tired riders. The 38 gram (claimed) polycarbonate cage can be mounted either parallel to the frame, or tilted 20 degrees left or right of the centerline. Kinetic says the angle will allow for a more natural arm motion when  retrieving or replacing a bottle. We haven’t tested it, but we have had enough unplanned dismounts while on rollers to imagine the potential benefit. The cage will be available in green (pictured), red, black, and white and is set to cost 15 bucks.

Kinetic Speed Bag

The Kinetic Speed Bag is the company’s first product designed specifically for riding someplace other than your basement. It is designed to work around the constraints of aero seatposts as well as triathlon and TT setups where the saddle is mounted fully forward on the rails. The Speed Bag attaches via the Kinetic SlideLock Quick Release system which mounts to the aft, vertical portion of the saddle rails, positioning the bag rearward of the saddle. The saddle will be available in two sizes: a 30 cubic inch (490 cc) small (pictured above) and 75 cubic inch (1229 cc) large (below), weighing in at 130 and 180 grams, and costing $40.00 and $45.00, respectively.Kinetic Speed Bag


  1. their small is about half way between the fizik small (22 cubic in) and medium (48 cubic in). it does look huge in that rendering though.

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