Upon seeing the new Chris King green limited edition, Absolute Black whisked these over to show they’re similarly infatuated with the viridescent ano.

The new color is available on their SRAM Spiderless rings, Cannondale rings (shown) and their latest intro, the ovalized 104BCD chainrings. If that whet your appetite, pick your way past the break for another pic and his lightweight new jockey wheels for XX1…



SRAM’s XX1 introduced more than just wide/narrow chainrings. The pulley wheels on their X-Horizon rear derailleur followed the pattern with 12-tooth narrow wide cuts. Absolute Black’s new upgrade kit uses full Delrin wheels with alloy outer plates and stainless steel bearings. They say they’re long wearing and quieter than alloy pulleys, but they’re only made to fit the SRAM X-Horizon rear mechs (XX1, X01, and presumably CX1).

Claimed weight is just 20g for the pair, retail is $57 (€49.50).



  1. Chainring looks awesome, narrow wide pulleys seem unnessary to me but If it’s just more ano parts and another reason to justify them I’m good with that. Seriously what’s the reason?

  2. Seems odd for a company that makes most of their cash on 10sp wide range conversions to make parts that only work for 11sp. Especially trying to get into the pulley wheel market, anybody who’s been riding 10+ years remembers how many times people have tried to make money in that market & failed.

    Pulleys are something even the biggest MTB gear nerds have a hard time spending money on, because the ones that come with the derailleur usually work fine, & it’s hard to notice any change between cheap ones & high end ones.

    Roadies seem more receptive, so maybe they’re counting on CX1 users?

  3. @Sanchez these are Delrin, essentially plastic. In fact, I think they’re replacing aluminum ones that come stock on XX1 drivetrains.

  4. Yes the XX1 pulleys are narrow-wide, and sometime are noisy when some jump one teeth over the chain missing the path of each, but not often.

  5. You really can tell ab is a sponsor / advertiser on this site can’t you – I mean a press release / article because they are supplying green rings now….

  6. Hi Everyone,
    We do 12T pulleys as that was a request from countless customers and dealers… there is not much on the market right now in 12T segment with narrow/wide feature, except few very expensive options. Original pulleys suppose to wear out quite quickly… so there is always room for alternative.

    @ Steve – what I can really tell is I have seen this comment already few times from you on different occasions:) Such sites like these are for sharing the news. Green color is the news for many people as they have been waiting for that a long time. For others it is just another option. Yes we do advertise here. Without our support and many other companies, such sites would not exist, so you would not have place to leave comments.
    Every single person advertise something. They advertise skills, talents, knowledge, own beauty or in our case products we do.


  7. forgot
    @Sergio – they do fit into F-Si constructions with no problem.

    Beauty of the Hollowgram crank is that with some custom spacers you can make any chainline you like within limits of your frame. No other crank gives such a freedom.

  8. Used to produce parts in that color back in the 90’s and practically couldnt give the parts away, although I liked the color then and still do. Btw, that chainring looks very well done.

  9. @absoluteblack – there is definitely room for improvement on the stock pulleys. Are these just replacements or did you try to make improvements? As others above stated – stock ones can be noisy, and collect gunk quickly. I’m not clear why N/W teeth are even needed on a pulley – I gently smoothed mine with sand paper and it’s maybe a bit quieter. I’d buy a replacement set if they were really designed and tested to be better than stock pulleys.

    To all N/W chainring makers – please offer the smaller rings in steel. The aluminum ones wear out in 1/2 year. Remember that ring is in continuous use.

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