Williams disc cross rim tubular 2 Williams disc cross rim tubular

Decided you want to go tubular this year for cross, but don’t know where to start? By the looks of it, Williams’ new Tech Cyclo-Cross wheels may be a great way to start sniffing glue. Even if you’re already preaching the tubular gospel, the inexpensive wheelsets look like the perfect option for a pit wheel or to replace your aging tubies. Designed with a new 23.5mm wide rim, the wheels offer more surface area for the glue, and more support for the tire, which should result in better handling.

Offered in both disc and rim brake-only builds, each wheelset uses niobium alloy rims hand built using triple butted spokes. Claimed weight is 1556g for the rim brake, and 1747g for the disc, but retail price is just $449. For the wheelset. Both versions are available for pre-order now with wheels expected to arrive in about a week. More details after the break…



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