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If it seems like you’re seeing a lot of Hi-Vis yellow lately, that’s because you are. The look-at-me color is everywhere from helmets to socks, to bottles and everything in between. And with good reason – at least on the road, since every little bit of the attention grabbing hue could mean the difference between getting home safely, or not being seen by inattentive motorists. However, as much as the safety factor plays into the color choice, let’s not kid ourselves. Cyclists love to color-coordinate.

Along those lines, Ritchey has introduced another limited release. This time it is a Hi-Vis C260 instead of the more subdued Ritchey x Cadence number they released earlier this year. Thanks to the popular color choice for current models, the stem should be right at home on bikes from Pinarello, Ibis, Masi, Jamis, and more. Stems are instock and currently shipping.

Prices, weights, and details next…

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Named the C260 for the 260 degree clamping surface and the use of high modulus carbon fiber, the carbon body is paired with an aluminum face plate. Available in 80/90/100/110/120/ and 130mm lengths, stems will be sold in a single 84/6 degree angle. C260 stems will fit most MTB and road handlebars, but require the bar to be inserted near the taper and then slid into place. Claimed weight is 125g for the 110mm stem, with all limited stems selling for $279.95.


  1. How are you supposed to get the handlebars on the stem with the faceplate opening being smaller than the diameter of the handle bars?

    • @stan, almost every handlebar is not 31.8mm in diameter except for the clamping surface. To install the C260 stem you insert the bar where the it tapers down to a smaller dimension, then slide it back to the clamping area. It’s a little more involved than a standard stem, but much easier than it seems.

  2. ALL THIS TIME! I’ve been using my 26.0 handlebars with shims on these C260 stems. Tsk tsk. Thanks Tom Ritchey, your mustache and engineering prowess never cease to amaze.

    @Stan – I’m with you. Failed college, can’t drive, and @Large D – I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the Star Trek episode with Darwin in it to get that reference.

  3. That 260 design is a pain in the a**, especially the angle of the lower bolts on the face plate. Did you catch that? The heads of those are on the stem side. I like other ritchey parts though.

  4. Just remove the black faceplate for aero bars. Use your imagination, and visualize the blade passing effortlessly through the slot made by the lack of faceplate.

  5. These comments are a good read.
    I like how the top bolts point upwards. These create little “pools” at the top that would capture the tears of the average installer (ie me) trying to push their already cabled and taped bars in through the faceplate section.

  6. I purchased one of these and sent it back as soon as I got it. Terrible design. Apart from the ridiculous bar clamp design, the stem bolts are a PIA (all 7 of them). The diameter of the allen/torq bolts is smaller than any other stem bolt (maybe a M3 or M4 thread). Moreover, a $250 stem should really be furnished with Ti fasteners not piss weak, soft, ones that round-out at the drop of a hat. The Zipp equivalent stem would be the way to go if you think you require a stem of this stiffness…

  7. Yes, it is a giant PITA to install, however, because most of us don’t really change our bars that often , it’s a non-issue. Great stem, no flex, lightweight, looks snazzy, works well…I dig it and would buy it again……

  8. Not aero top compatible, the neon will fade to a nasty pale yellow within a few months and god forbid you travel with your bike and prefer to simply unbolt your bars from the stem when boxing/bagging your bike. Of course there are ways around that like a cardboard tube or a ton of spacers to keep your headset together but its a general PITA- ohhh, and those rearward facing lower faceplate bolts!!!!!!


  9. I think putting a bar in an old quill stem with no faceplate and therefore no faceplate opening should be part of the driver’s license exam.

  10. I’d like to see Ritchey show a video of a handlebar being torsionally ripped out of a superlogic and a carbon WCS. At that point, it would be clear how much of an advantage the larger stem is.

    Otherwise, I’d be comparing the two on a pure costs basis, and the superlogic is $140 more and no lighter.

  11. I have the K-Force version of this stem. Weighs 20g more but insane stiff. Bolts are backwards as well. It’s a little pain but not bad as it seems. Also it works for both 1-1/4 or 1-1/8 steer. This Ritchey would be weird if your cables were tight to slide it sideways for removal. Neon fades like the other commenters said. They will sell 20pcs of this only.

  12. How often does the average user remove the bars from stem? I think somebody buying a stem of this price and weight will be careful enough to take an extra 3 minutes to install and tighten it properly, with the right tool and care.
    I think is a cool design, even if I cannot spend that money on a stem

  13. I don’t think you guys understand. Ritchey is going to use this as the end-all-be-all stem design and other manufacturers will follow. Protesting here is absolutely the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen! Kindly list all hypothetical scenarios that make this stem a steamy pile before it’s too late!

  14. I just picked one up from Tweaked Sports for $254.95 + free shipping! I saved $25 over the Ritchey website which sells them for $279.95 and I think they charge for shipping. Find them here: ttp://

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