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Teasing. It’s a universally derided tactic whether you’re trying to date or market a new product, but that’s just what DVO has done to gravity junkies since it’s inception.

From their inverted downhill fork, to this latest creation, the company has teased and shared it’s progress via social media and trade shows. Every time we visit, they’re one step closer to completing a project, and ready to tease us with the next thing they’re masterminding.

After sharing prototypes of their new Enduro fork at several trade shows over the past few months, they have finally have several preproduction models mounted to bikes and ready to rock.

Head past the break for pictures, weights, details, and some insight into what’s on the horizon..
DVO Diamong

The Diamond will be available with either DVO green or Black lowers/uppers, although the production models will have black stanchions.

Dvo Diamong Compression

At the top, there are adjustments for low and high speed adjustments, plus air pressure adjustments.

DVO diamond legs

Due to the unreliability of most externally travel adjustable forks, the Diamond will only be internally adjustable (between 140/150/ & 160mm) via a step ladder system.

They plan on offering models for all three of the common mountain bike wheel size standards, and retail retail is expected to be $1,100, which is comparable with other high end options.

DVO Diamond 3

On the rear of the crown, DVO has worked to create an easy to install and remove mud guard. Their fender will come with all aftermarket forks but will be available aftermarket if not included as OE (which will be dependent on the manufacturer).


It mounts via two plugs in the lower arches, and is held firmly in place by an allen.

DVO Diamond Fork Leg

Towards the bottom are two additional adjustments. The OTT dial allows you to tune the negative air spring. If you’re interested in learning more about how it works, check out our previous coverage of the tech here.

DVO Diamond Fork Legs

The other adjustment is the Trail Loader System. This is a adjustment system that obsessives can tune with various shims, or even buy an additional Loader, so you can swap between different setups fairly quickly.


The Diamond utilizes a fairly standard QR style axle, but the retaining nut is held on by an O-ring and can be pushed out and repositioned, in order to set the preferred position of the QR lever.

Dvo Diamong Weight

While this is still a preproduction unit, DVO did allow us to put it on the scale. That’s 4 lbs 14 0z for the Americans and 2.19 KG to the rest of the world.
DVO Emerald

We’ve weighed the carbon torsion arch (CTA) seperatly before, but this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to the put the Emerald on our scale. At 7 lbs 10 oz (or 3.43 KG) it’s a touch on the heavy side, but they claim the performance more than makes up for it. Without the CTA, which is not necessary for lighter riders, the total weight is comparable to that of a Dorado.

In other news, the Jade Coil shock is now moving into production and will soon be available as an OEM option on Intense DH Bikes. Bryson Martin also confirmed they’re moving forward with their inverted single crown project. It’s currently being designed for the 160mm market and they’re targeting two different price points by creating versions with either aluminum or carbon uppers.




  1. I am genuinely excited about this fork. If the European pricing translates over as well as the Emerald has and the damper is as good as the one in the Emerald then they’re about to release a fork that can compete with BOS for perfomance, but will be priced close to Pikes and Mattocs. It will also undercut Fox massively, which ought to make these things an easy sell.

  2. Got a dude coming into the shop with the DVO dual crown. First ride it felt TERRIBLE, tons of seal drag but it broke in with a few hours of use and feels really nice now.

  3. Looks great! This is still a prototype fork, I’m sure some weight will be taken off for production. @lawman when you shave weight, reliability suffers. Plus this fork has the OTT adjustment which adds some grams. I’d rather have a more supple, more adjustable, more reliable fork, for a couple grams more.

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