After passing the Kickstarter test, Steve Domahidy’s namesake new mountain bike brand has opened their online store to accept pre-orders from anyone else looking to get a steel or titanium hardtail from the former Niner designer.

Ti frames  are $2,299 and steel $1,099 and uses Reynolds 853 DZB tubing. Both are available in either 27.5″ or 29″ wheel sizes. The frames feature A sliding dropout, allowing them to be run as a single speed or fully geared. Golden Bike Shop in Golden, CO, has become the first shop dealer for the new brand. If you’re not nearby, you can order online it’ll ship to your favorite bike shop until they’re able to set up a full dealer network. This keeps our LBS in the loop while expanding availability.

Check them out at,  more pics below…


The titanium frame uses triple butted 3/2.5 tubing with biovalized downtube to improve stiffness at both the headtube and BB. Claimed weight is 3.7lbs for a size medium frame. It also upgrades some frame hardware to titanium.


The steel frame gets oversized tubing to improve overall stiffness without giving up steel’s trademark ride quality. Claimed frame weight is 5.3lbs for medium. Both steel and ti frames get a tapered headtube. Singlespeed specific thru-axle dropouts are available for a clean look sans hanger.


  1. Ummm aesthetically the graphics and colors are…how can I be kind…fugly. Also the name doesn’t really roll off the tongue…..also who is making them? Custom shop? A lot of choices for HT frames out there.

  2. Not that I’m complaining, but It’s surprising to see so many startup MTB manufacturers considering how crowded the market is already and how tight margins are.

  3. Blue on black / Red DOMinatrix / Signature line, it don’t mean much.
    TI Frame / Steel for less dollar / Custom build / Your special touch.
    Opt for single speed / Doesn’t change a thing,
    Still gonna bring you back,
    Blue on black.

  4. Well as a start up I hope he makes it. They just look unremarkable. Why wouldn’t I get a Ti el mar are go custom for steel like a Black Cat? Nevermind the new Tranny 29. The HT market is crowded with choices.

  5. Kind of a dull design with a difficult name.

    I simply cannot understand how these people get lots of money to produce boring or flawed product.

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