Klamp Kickstarter SketchesShooting video with a POV camera can be a lot of fun, but catching the right angle can be difficult. Not only do the cameras come with a only a  couple of sticks, but they’re limited in range.

Klamp is a modular mounting system for action cameras, cycling computers, and other accessories, which makes it easy to not only mount devices in unusual places, but allows you to capture unique angles, and then easily swap to a different position.

Klamp Stackable Clamps
At the heart of the system is a mechanical and magnetic retention mechanism which allows users to slide accessories onto either standard GoPro Mounts or the Klamp specific units.

The retention system allows you to remove devices and mount elsewhere, which gives you incredibly flexibility when trying to film sick edits bro.

Klamp Kickstarter GoPro Mount

Each Klamp arm has 8 different pivot points and will be offered in versions that are compatible with everything from GoPro to Garmin mounts.
Klamp Kickstarter Seat Mounts
If you prefer to capture unusual angles, Klamp is offering a number of unique mounts for their arms. You can order a standard bar mount, helmet sticky, this neat seat rail model, or even a mount with a ratcheting system that allows you to mount a camera almost anywhere on a bike frame or fork.

Klamp Stackable Clamps Action Shot

To further enhance the versatility of their mounts, the Klamp arms are stackable. This modular approach means each Klamp mount is capable of carrying multiple devices, including a set of rechargeable LED lights they’ve designed for commuting.

The Klamp mounts offer an impressive amount of versatility in a package that promises to help you get the most out of your POV camera. If you’re as interested in that ratcheting GoPro mount for your frame as I am, a pledge of $38 AUD gives you the option to pick any two products. The campaign ends Sept 7th and they’re shooting for a (pre-Christmas) December delivery date.

As of this posting, backers had already pledged five grand towards their company’s end goal of $45,000. Head to the Klamp Kickstarter page if you’d like to pre order your own set.


  1. Those expandable mounts would have to be rock solid at the joints and articulation points to prevent video jitter. I’d wait to see test footage on bumpy terrain before buying.

  2. 8 pivots points sounds like a recipe for shaky footage to me. Sounds really cool, I’d love to see some GoPro footage from rough roads or rock gardens.

  3. i’m only seeing one video segment of this actually in use. and about three seconds at that. the other in use videography is of what he claims to be other mounting systems.

    i call sketchy.

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