bikerumor pic of the day Czech republic, moss and blueberry trails in Brdy forest with P-29er

Photo submitted by Jan Novosad, “Moss and blueberry trails in Brdy forest with P-29er.”

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  1. I’ve been educated recently that if a bike doesn’t have a dropper post, then it isn’t a mountain bike. So,…

    Why is this guy on a road bike and in the woods?

    In reality…I dig the Ritchey.

  2. Brdy is amazing! I ride in Europe for a month every year and two years ago I was handed a map of Brdy and the surrounding area. It’ not far from our home base in CZ. I think it is like an old WW I& II era military area that has been recommissioned as conservation land. During the war it was Nazi occupied and used for their operations. Lots of crazy history about both the Nazi and Russian Communist occupations.

    And I actually have ridden road bikes through there with 23mm tubeless (thank god) tires although it was rough at times. There is a network of old roads in there as well as lots of singletrack. A gravel bike would be perfect.

    Another thing about that area WannabeSTi – it’s not common to see the latest brands and components in CZ bike shops. I was surprised to see a Ritchey hard tail in the pic. It doesn’t stop the locals from being amazing athletes. They produce a lot of top amateurs and Euro pros.

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