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Size doesn’t matter, right? Well in the world of bicycle pumps, it just might. Meet Birzman’s Zacoo Tiny Tanker, a tiny floor pump that acts like it’s full sized. As the smallest member of Birzman’s Zacoo floor pump range, the Tiny Tanker promises impressive performance in a compact package that will still fit in your bag, car, or luggage.

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Clad in high polished aluminum, the Tiny Tanker is a beautiful pump with a cast aluminum handle and base and CNC machined barrel and internal parts. Personally, I wish the base was just a little bit wider as the pump doesn’t always stand on its own on uneven ground. However, the small base aids in the pump’s portability so it’s a bit of a tradeoff. The base is designed so that you stand on the right side with a single foot and read the gauge on the left which goes up to 220 psi. Fortunately, the gauge is in the base so if the pump does fall over, you’re not smacking the gauge into the ground.

To make perfect inflation a breeze, the Snap-It head had a built in bleed valve on the back which functions quite well. The head also has a small tab that slots into the bottom of the pump handle to keep it closed when traveling. Comfort wise, the aluminum handle gets the job done without any discomfort.

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The Snap-It valve is one of the easiest pump heads to use, but it’s not perfect. As Tyler found out, the head struggles with an occasional valve. In my case, it was the tubeless valves from NOX composites. The Snap-It head would leak air when connected, but if you pumped fast enough it could be overcome. Otherwise, with a number of different tubeless valves and tubes, the Snap-It head worked perfectly. The Snap-It itself is presta only, but you can inflate schraeder valves by unscrewing the gold head, and threading the silver chuck underneath directly onto the valve.

Since the pump is meant to be as compact as possible, it has a fairly short hose. This meant that the valve had to be rotated to the lowest position and inflating tires while the bike was in a stand or on a rack was not possible. Not the most convenient, but also not a deal breaker.

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To go along with our review, Birzman sent over some photos of their lush headquarters in Taiwan. We’re told that all of the design and engineering is completed here and then the products are produced and assembled by their suppliers in nearby cities. Below, molten aluminum is cast into the bases for the Tiny Tanker.

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Ultimately, the beauty of the Tiny Tanker is in its size. Around 2/3rds of the size of standard floor pumps, the Tiny Tanker turns out to be a perfect pump to stash in your car for road trips or in your suitcase if you will need effective inflation on your journey. Small enough to fit in a carry on size bag, Tiny is still plenty effective on even the biggest tires. The barrel may get quite warm in the process, but I’ve had no problem inflating mountain bike, tubeless road, and even fat bike tires with the diminutive pump. Fully deflated, it will inflate a 28mm tubeless road tire to 80 psi in about 30 strokes.

Taller riders may find the shorter stature of the pump to be a concern; conversely, shorter riders (and kids) may find it preferable. The pump’s official measurements from Birzman are 51 x 6 x 19 cm.

Even with the narrow base and short hose, the Tiny Tanker still comes highly recommended if you’re looking for an effective, portable pump. The Tiny Tanker has had a permanent home in my car for trail head pressure adjustments to full on flat repairs. Available in high polished, or black, the pumps are available through shops in the US that buy from QBP. We’ll update with retail prices as soon as we get them.


  1. For how small it is, I’m surprised the bottom does not fold up, or the top does not fold down for storage purposes…

  2. +1 @ fourthandvine… duh! it’s a travel pump…
    been using this for a year now, stows in my travel case, car, etc …Their pump head works better than my now retired Lezyne.

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