Rapha Special Edition Pantani Super Lightweight Jersey


To honor Marco Pantani, a Giro and Tour winner, who died tragically after losing a battle with mental illness and drug addiction, Rapha is releasing a ten year anniversary jersey.
All proceeds from the sale of the jersey will go to the Pantani foundation which supports youth sports.


Like many riders of his generation, Pantani also cheated using PEDs. Yet despite his personal failings and struggles, Marco brought the kind of excitement and drama to road racing in the 90s that endeared him to fans and made him an inspiration to many.

You can learn more about the mans life through this wonderful essay by Tom Southam or through this Q&A with Rapha CEO Simon Mottram.

The jersey itself is made from 100% polyester and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Order yours here.

Cucu BarcelonaCucu Barcelona

A relatively new brand, Cucu Barcelona has developed a line of jerseys, bib shorts, and casual clothing, with personality influenced by major tours and cycling events.

Cucu Barcelona Jersey

For this summer, they’ve released four new jerseys priced at 72 Eur.


They’re available in XS-XL. Learn more here.

Arden Point Jersey and Bibs

Arden Point JerseyArden is the in house cycling brand from South Korean brand Ansport, and they offer an impressive line of jerseys, shorts, bibs, and other gear for both men and women at a reasonable price. Jersey’s start for at little as $55 and are available in variety of colors and fits.Arden BibsThe company also manufacturers a full line of bib tights, more commuter oriented pants, and casual cycling apparel (which look awesome).  Prices start at $59 and up. You can check out the full catalog at Arden Bike Wear


  1. Love to see colorful clothes. Do anyone have any tips for other brands like this?

    I like the fiascociclismo but would love to see other options as well

  2. These two new brands, cucu and arden, look nice. It would be nice if one of these cycling blogs (or better retailers) would create a fit matrix for all brands. Most of us know how a Capo, Castelli or Assos top or bib will fit, and would buy the stuff with similar fit to what we know works for out bodies. Apparel returns must be a huge expense for retailers due to trial and error fit.

  3. Does anyone have any experience with Arden? Their stuff looks pretty nice. It would nice if BR could do a review on some of their bibs/jerseys.

  4. I’ve used Arden.
    Unfortunately the quality proved disappointing and sizing is far off from standard sizing.

    They do have a good number of riders that wear it here in Seoul, as it’s cheaper than the quality brands, but I just feel it’s not on par with what you can buy elsewhere for the same $$.

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