We’ve seen security axles from folks like Pinhead, Halo and Atomic22, and now we’re seeing a new take on it from Nutlock.

Started by USC roomies Mikey and Amir, Nutlock doesn’t look to key locks for every removable component on your bike. They’re simply looking to secure your wheels to your frame, making it quicker and easier for you to lock your bike up when commuting. The idea is if your wheels aren’t able to be stolen, you don’t need to lug a long cable or multiple locks around – a simple U-Lock will lock the frame to a rack and that’s all you need to worry about.

The trick feature is the special tool used to tighten and remove the proprietary bolts, which doubles as a keychain and….


The key and nuts come in different groove shapes, so the chances of your frenemy having the same one and pranking you is slim, just as it’s unlikely a thief would have the right match. The skewers are made of non-corrosive German steel and weigh in at a respectable 39g front and 44g rear.

The Kickstarter campaign goes live today offering Nutlock at $25 for a single skewer to protect one wheel, and $39 for a set.


  1. I’m a big fan of these types of skewers, I really like that there are different “keys” and that the end caps are make out of steel.

    I had a with a set of the Delta ones, and kept loosing her key and she and wanted them gone, vicegrips were easily able to bite into the alloy and get them off.

  2. Like the concept on these bits. Now if someone would make a set for 9mm and 10mm nutted axles rather than qr, I’d be even more happier.

  3. @smokestack Pinhead already makes the 9 and 10mm locking axle nuts. Also these Nutlocks look like exact copies of pinhead to me…

  4. Still looks like you’d have an easy time getting around the nut with pliers. Ahem.

    To paint another pretty picture, Pitlocks work because they’re “uncut” with a shroud around the end. Not just any tool can get in that tight space to fiddle with your nuts.

  5. There has never been a design of these that we haven’t been able to remove in the shop with anything more than needle-nose vice grips and a screwdriver when the skewer has been cut off properly.
    With an uncut skewer sticking out, it’s even easier.

  6. Cheap pitlock ripoff, and much less secure, since the flange is missing, and even pitlock I can open in 2 min with a flathead and needle nose players.. If you know I somehow lost my key or something.. 😉

  7. just saw these comments, I’m a founder of Nutlock, here’s some overdue responses:

    @Smokestack – we do provide 9mm and 10mm nuts for solid axles! We also provide 3/8in – 26 nuts for solid axle and 5mm QR skewer replacements. We got you.

    In regards to Pinhead & Pitlock – yes, this is not the first product on the market to provide wheel security. However, we do have some differentiating factors – check out this comparison chart

    Also, we did do testing with needle nose pliers and a screwdriver + hammer to no avail. However, we have some further testing to do.

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