First spotted at the Taipei show, Sarma’s Naran 100 rims are ready with plenty of time before the snow flies. Called the first 100mm wide carbon rim, the double walled construction results in a rim that weighs 750g. Using a bead lock design, the rims are tubeless compatible with tape and sealant and are designed to hold the tires firm at extremely low pressures. Rims are sold in both centered and universal drilling with 32 and 64 holes respectively.

Above are cutaways of Sarma’s Naran 80 and 100 (prototype) rims along with the rim itself in its undrilled form. Recommended for 5-15 psi of inflation, the rims carry a maximum rider weight limit of 242 lbs (110kg). Rims are to be built with around 100 kgf spoke tension and with 12mm nipples. Tubeless conversion can be achieved with 50-65mm tape.

Naran 100 rims retail for $1500 per set ( 2 universal, 2 centered, or 1 universal/1 centered), or individually as centered rims for $750 each. The rims are in stock now, and shipping out of Grand Rapids, MI.




  1. Good. Sarma keeps coming out with new things… thats good. But they should also concentrate on keeping things in stock or available that they already have. Their carbon Hoboy fork was available, then back on pre-order… now it says “in stock now” but also pre-order on their website. They said last year that they would be making brake adapter kits and carbon steer plug for the fork also available like the Carver O’beast does… but nothing on that in a year.

    Being on top of the game and first to products is a good thing. But as a company you should also be selling the things you “have” already.

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